Thursday, November 25, 2004

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posterWatching the Forgotten (psst.. I made a mistake by writing it die Vergessene in on my calendar. It turns out that it should be die VergesseneN. We'll talk about this later) where was I? Let me start again.

I was afraid when I finally decided to watch the Forgotten. Not afraid of watching it because it is a thriller, but I was afraid that I had been spoiled so much from its trailer (as I am now with Survivor: Vanuatu episodes), and that it would turn out to be the non-outstanding psychological thriller.

That was I thought, and I open my heart widely now and say, damn, I was dead wrong!

I had watched the trailer not more than 100 times, but certainly more than once, twice, or even twenty times. I didn't mean to, but it was one of the regular commercials in between exclusive videos of the Apprentice 2 in Yahoo!. What could I do? So I thought I had figured it out only by watching the trailer. Damn, I was a snorty snob!

Beautifully tightly connected with its trailer, almost every scene and conversations in the trailer appears only before my fifteen minutes in the movie was up. Before I even ate a quarter of my popcorn. Before I take a sip of my diet regular Pepsi. Even my so-called conclusion was laid out vividly on the table. And made me felt defeated. But after that I thought. If this movie was not about what I thought, what's it about, then?

Run, Julie, run!After twists and turns, the Forgotten spun its way from a psychological thriller to a sci-fi thriller. Conspiracy. Love. Power. And Telly (Julianne Moore) was there to walk you through. Umm.. Maybe it's better to say to run you through. Because she ran a lot. But my point is, it's a thriller that has two sides of faces and did its job from keeping it from me. Ha!

One thing to note about the movie technically, I was not so much impressed with how things went on. Not because sci-fi was not definitely my cup of tea, but there were nothing there except the fact that you have to accept this 'impossibility' due to 'inexplainable' power. Humm..

Distinct cinematography though, by implementing many times a very shaky camera, made me really feel that Telly was standing on shaky ground, even when she knew somehow that she was right.

All and all, the experience of going to the movie was the thing that I looked for. And I certainly got it. Guess who sat in front of me while I was watching it! Nah, not gonna tell you here, it will be so scandalous.

Now off to Königstraße!

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