Saturday, November 06, 2004

funny dream

Wow.. I had a funny dream last night. And I want to lash it out here in front of y'all. My dream was, I caught a friend of mine -not so close friend, but still a friend- butt naked in a room. And funny thing is that I just like "Dude, do you have this book with you?" Or questioning a very unimportant question as such.

As I woke up, I of course did not remember the dream. But in daytime, I remembered that I had this dream and damn! I laughed a hell lot of me. And I take it as a sign that my tolerance to nudity has gone to places that I never thought that I would go before. Wow.. Am I really that tolerant? Now I'm still giggling.

In the newest Survivor: Vanuatu episode, it is said that Sarge said that he was comfortable with nudity, because he had been in Europe. So is that it? Is it because I'm in Europe and I definitely have an elevating level of acceptance. LOL.. I still don't know what to think. But I like it though. I mean I like the fact that dreams make me realize that maybe some part of me is changing. Hope it towards the better.

Wish y'all the best first weekend in November.

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