Monday, June 27, 2005

design surgery

Another post today.. So I guess it is revenge then.

Hello.. let me tell you something. I really like design. Graphic design, interior design, fashion design, product design, and the most is packaging design. I am not a designer, nor going to be one. I want to be one, though.. But, nah.. not quite got the talent. So, more or less like part-hobby designer, if there is such a word.

Because of my fondness, I subscribe to Denis's weblog of logo design, most of the times just to make myself amazed and admire the talent of those people who can come up with the idea behind logos. Check out the flawless FedEx. Or maybe the simple and smart Quintet.

However.. Because of this, I think that up to some level, you don't need to be an awesome illustrator though. Let me say once again that I used the word up to some level. For me, of course if you are a crafty illustrator, you can produce clever logos much easier than I. However, font manipulation may be one of the foremost tool of logo design that can be used in this time.

IL' Elefante is a choir that .. oops sorry that I can't write their profile longer than those words. But most important is that lots of my friends are in the choir, and if I'm not mistaken, they will hold a concert in Gedung (Building) Kesenian (Art) Jakarta sometime this year. They are founded by some alumni of ITB student's choir, a sixty-something (is it sixty?) choir.

They have a logo. For me, personally, the logo looks great. It is applicable in many medias, the rudimentary elephant seems to represent the members of the choir that are considered being 'young' alumni of another 'big' student choir, and it looks cute. But I have another perception on the whole design. Here goes..

Waiting for your comments on this one.. Because the first tester to whom I exposed this design, revealed the (or my) secret after some 15 minutes never-ending hints coming his way. And yes, I'm talking about you, NDC. Harharhar..

It's still missing the chorale words though, but at least, my perception of the logo should me more or less like this.

Have a nice rest of the week. Now you know what I'm doing the whole day. Hahaha..

Um-zehug!! *

This month, in Hamburg, or maybe in other cities, is apparently a good time to get new homes for some people. Last Friday, my office moved to a new location which is now in Hochschule Bremerhaven. Right in the middle of the town. I like it (so far), just for the eye candies that are scattered around. Hehehe..

But anyway, this weekend, I moved out as well from my apartment. And that means, painting, packing my stuff, moving them to my friend's place, and realizing that I do have so much trash. The painting is a lot of fun! The packing is quite a lot of fun. The moving is a hell of torture.

Just remember that on Friday, I had done series of lifting, pushing, pulling stuff in my office. The whole day. On Friday (which I normally use as "weekend-preparation" day). And that happened again on Saturday, and Sunday. The good thing is, now my room looks super clean, and the others still not. I hope my roomies pull it through though. Otherwise... ermm ermm ermmm..

And you know what? During the travel from my place to my friend's, I saw 9 other families moving in and out of their homes. Mostly out though, because I think it's the last weekend that they have to be able to move their stuff, before they start to rent the place in July.

Ow, and starting August, a (nother) new chapter of my life begins: live in a dormitory. Whoopeee..

Best of luck to me..

* Oh, well, it is supposed to be written Umzug, but it's just the tired ol' man version.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

umm.. was soll's?

Aaaarrrrggghh.... Hhahahaheuaheuaehaha... Hieieuriuehaiuehr... Whhhaaaaaaa...!!!!!!!

YESSSSS!!! [eventhough not 100% relieved]

Explanation will come later.. *grin*

Monday, June 20, 2005

and yet another reason to not post

Had a totally bad mood last week. That's why the last update of this blog is last week. But looking back, this blog has not been updated for.. two weeks, three weeks, five weeks? I mean all the post are like clumsily made, no pics, and just too plain. Hehehe..

But anyway, another no-posts-week is ahead of me, because of the deadline thingy I have this Thursday. So far, it is going to be the deadline thingy that I will have (or I predict to have) in 3 months. Heheheh.. That means more posts comin'? Hmm.. let's see.

Anyway, just drop by to say that love Mikalah Gordon to death, really like singin' Inside Your Heaven in Carrie's register (Bo's is as thought before, too high), and thank God that I didn't start to see American Idol season 4 from the start. Phew. The reason? Of course because of the fact that everytime I see the opening credits I am amazed at the text that says: Fox Widescreen, High Definition Television (or something like that) [Update: It was actually Fox Widescreen, High Definition Digital TV]. Gosh.. where has the technology brought us?

Another by the way, be careful with who you're hang out with, what occasion you are, and how much they are drinking. You might end up like me in this pic!

Have a great summer week!! Wish me luck!!

Monday, June 13, 2005

sad sad sad

OK, pretty obvious that I am totally down in the dumps today. Reason?
1. The non-stop-raining weekend
2. Refund for my tickets was not yet available
3. and worst of all is that I lost my camera in the S-Bahn

Huwwwaaaa.. nuff said. Ah, well, get over it, and get a new one if I can afford one. But that's not the point. What tears my heart apart is the fact that I haven't downloaded few but full of important pictures that I made in Prague: The performances of my fellow puppeteers. Huwwaaaa..

Huwwwaaa... OK, stop it, and adore that shining sun. Hehehee..

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I read something in one of my friends' testimonials in Friendster today that made me leap back in time. He wrote something like up2-down2-left-right-left-right-select-start. And I was like thinking why is this routine is so familiar.. And after some seconds of thinking, I did remember that. And it is so familiar because..


It was mistakenly written, though.. And I know it more in its Indonesian. So it should be like this:


Now, that is THE ROUTINE.

Errr.. for those of you who really have no clue of what I'm talking about, try to google Delta Force or Contra and Nintendo. Because I couldn't find any internet resource. There is always a first time, aint it mate?

Monday, June 06, 2005


Indonesia made its appearance in Boing Boing! Hehehe.. Well, at least after some time I subscribed to it.

What's it about? Star Wars episode III. Could I be more specific than that? It's about pirated DVD of Star Wars III. Harharhar.. It can't get better than this.

BTW, out of context, surprisingly, no afterglow for this big boy after a full week in Prague. Nothing but work, work, work, now! Hehehe..

Have a nice rest of the week.

Friday, June 03, 2005

reason for not posting

Well, you know the reason that I'm not posting for so long is that because I'm in Prague right now. So, I'll see you Sunday or Monday!