Monday, June 27, 2005

Um-zehug!! *

This month, in Hamburg, or maybe in other cities, is apparently a good time to get new homes for some people. Last Friday, my office moved to a new location which is now in Hochschule Bremerhaven. Right in the middle of the town. I like it (so far), just for the eye candies that are scattered around. Hehehe..

But anyway, this weekend, I moved out as well from my apartment. And that means, painting, packing my stuff, moving them to my friend's place, and realizing that I do have so much trash. The painting is a lot of fun! The packing is quite a lot of fun. The moving is a hell of torture.

Just remember that on Friday, I had done series of lifting, pushing, pulling stuff in my office. The whole day. On Friday (which I normally use as "weekend-preparation" day). And that happened again on Saturday, and Sunday. The good thing is, now my room looks super clean, and the others still not. I hope my roomies pull it through though. Otherwise... ermm ermm ermmm..

And you know what? During the travel from my place to my friend's, I saw 9 other families moving in and out of their homes. Mostly out though, because I think it's the last weekend that they have to be able to move their stuff, before they start to rent the place in July.

Ow, and starting August, a (nother) new chapter of my life begins: live in a dormitory. Whoopeee..

Best of luck to me..

* Oh, well, it is supposed to be written Umzug, but it's just the tired ol' man version.

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Mike said...

Doesn't it supposed to be Umziehen oder Umgezogen?