Monday, June 06, 2005


Indonesia made its appearance in Boing Boing! Hehehe.. Well, at least after some time I subscribed to it.

What's it about? Star Wars episode III. Could I be more specific than that? It's about pirated DVD of Star Wars III. Harharhar.. It can't get better than this.

BTW, out of context, surprisingly, no afterglow for this big boy after a full week in Prague. Nothing but work, work, work, now! Hehehe..

Have a nice rest of the week.


Mike said...

I think it's not even surprising that Indonesia can be in that website. If I'm not mistaken, Indonesia is one of the biggest countries with piracy. Even sometimes the piracy could be available before the premier of the movies.

Gets said...

If that guy would just be a smart-shopper and take his time to ask, "Ini udah bagus belom?", I bet when he came back later he'd find something he'd enjoy more, and went home with gratitude to the people of our lovely country .. hehehe.. And, oh, 5000rp is one fifth 25000rp.

Bie said...

Yah.. gue sih ketawa2 aja kalo ada yang ngomong "..dan gue gak ngerti kenapa ini gak menghentikan orang buat beli yang asli atau nonton di bioskop."

Soalnya, setuju kata Geegee, toh DVD-DVD itu kan gak semuanya jelek. Beli yang original? Gak semuanya mampu.. Lagian kan gak semuanya masuk Indo jadi DVD original atau bioskop. Dan kadang-kadang begitu keluar di bioskop udah basi.

Kesimpulannya, gue sih gak mendukung pembajakan juga, jadi cukup selective screening aja di bioskop. Dan untungnya gue juga gak ngotot nonton sekarang. Phew..

Tau deh kalo dah balik lagi ke Indo. Harharhar..