Monday, June 13, 2005

sad sad sad

OK, pretty obvious that I am totally down in the dumps today. Reason?
1. The non-stop-raining weekend
2. Refund for my tickets was not yet available
3. and worst of all is that I lost my camera in the S-Bahn

Huwwwaaaa.. nuff said. Ah, well, get over it, and get a new one if I can afford one. But that's not the point. What tears my heart apart is the fact that I haven't downloaded few but full of important pictures that I made in Prague: The performances of my fellow puppeteers. Huwwaaaa..

Huwwwaaa... OK, stop it, and adore that shining sun. Hehehee..


Mike said...

Well, I finally understand why you said that to me yesterday with tears. You've lost it. I thought how come you need new one if u already had one before.

aRIeS said...

for what happened, i feel sorry...
hope u will get better soon...
take care!