Tuesday, October 16, 2007

the return of Peter Petrelli's hair (or lack thereof)

ACHTUNG: minor spoiler to Heroes.

After what I felt like eternity, the owner of the most delicious hair on TV returns to everyone's screen this fall. It still takes a while in Indonesia, but thanks to the ingenious work of people who should not be named or I don't know them but I'm so damn thankful for them, we can already meet him.

Don't wonder though, if you see some of his attributes weren't returning with him. First, his memory seems to wander away from his brain. The first thing he said when returning was, "I don't know. I don't know." when he was asked of his name.

Second, it seems like his top garment has left him alone. He was found shirtless, only wearing a a helix-hung necklace from his waist above. I smell a conspiracy between Men's Fitness and a trainer who can now put "Bulking Milo Ventimiglia up during off-season Heroes" in his resume.

Third, with a better lighting, we now can see that the most delicious hair on TV is not returning. I know. Bummer. There's only two logical explanation for this. (1) The cutbacks made the execs fire some hair stylist. (2) The result of most poll said, Yes, it's distracting.

Hairful or hairless (wait, that came off REALLY wrong) it is still exciting to watch Heroes. Except for the Hiro Nakamura's 17th century "adventure" a.k.a yes, I get it, he's the most popular character in season one and the actor even got multi-nominated, but can't we move on, please?

Friday, October 12, 2007

someday I'll be part of your world

This is the masterpiece that made me drown well and deeply into the musical world.

For the time being, one can only dream.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

towards Survivor: All-Stars 2 part 2

As always, some tens of days after I wrote this piece, I found the time the will the urge all other the the I need to continue the series.

But to be honest with you, I am actually a bit panicking since Survivor: China has been aired for like three weeks and that means, Survivor: 16 is already being shot. That means, there is already an All-Star cast if the 16th installment is an All-Star.

Ow. Kay. Memorable castaways from every season. Let's start again from season 9.

Survivor: Vanuatu

Survivor: Vanuatu is the second season after Survivor: Amazon where the castaways were divided into two tribes based on gender. Men vs women. Funnily, the same early conflict occurred in both seasons. Within the tribe, division occurred based on age. Another memorable event is a strong female alliance pagonging the guys one by one, leaving a guy named Chris be the only guy in the final seven. Female alliance crumbled when they decided to give Chris a room and let Eliza go first. She was soon recruited by Chris who revealed the vote plot. The rest is history.

Survivor: Vanuatu

Ami Cusack

Ami might be remembered as was one of first two open lesbian castaways on the show. But more to that, Amy managed to subtly command a ship laden with a risky team called female alliance. Viewers might remember her as the one who hates all the guys. I remember her as one of Survivor's best players to be dethroned from power with an inconspicuous lie.

Twila Tanner

Twila is Ami's nemesis. She swore (on her only son) that she will be with Ami and the alliance until the end. Somewhere along the way, despite of being promised a place in final two by two most powerful people in the female alliance, she broke her vows by jumping ship just because she listened to her closest ally. Her change of game plan brought Twila to final two. Her less strategic final tribal council made sure that she didn't go further.

Brook Geraghty

Wait. Who's Brook? He's the first to be voted of in the season. What makes him All-Star worthy, then? Here's the deal. Brook is a HUGE fan of the series. He loves the game, wants to play the game, was ready to pull some strings only to be blindsided being conceived as cocky. His post-interview was full of regrets that he didn't wiggle much during the first tribal. He sounded really generous on that. Producers should really give him another chance. Besides, he has the best abs in the season.

Survivor: Palau

There are two initial tribes in Survivor: Palau. Ulong and Koror. After season 1 has "pagong" inducted to the Survivor dictionary as a verb, we owe it to this season for the word "ulong". To ulong means to demolished another tribe by winning unbreakable streaks of immunity challenges. Because Koror was successful ulonging its competition, there was no merge in this season. The last member of Ulong tribe was told that she should then join Koror tribe. That was a Survivor first, and in addition, there are still a lot of firsts occured. For my money, this is Survivor with the best production design, eventhough the game element is really boring.

Memorable Castaways.

Ian Rosenberger.

Ian, who was the first winner of the first immunity challenge 10 minutes or so into the game, should have been the ultimate winner. He picked Koror tribe who successfully ulongs their competition. He was about to win the final immunity challenge had he not given it up. Ian's word was that he picked friendship over 1 million dollars. My word was what a perfect boring closure for this already boring season. But by saying his words, Ian stays in my mind as a castaway with the biggest heart.

Stephenie LaGrossa.

She was dubbed as the strongest female contender on Survivor. I concur. In one of the most grueling challenges ever on Survivor, she managed to be the only female contestant left competing. Amazing. Steph was then invited to compete again in the next season, with a big target on her back, and made it to final two. Why give her yet another chance, though? Just so that we see whether she's really a bad luck or not. This doesn't change the fact that I can't stand her.

Survivor: Guatemala

In the beginning of the season, two important factors of the show were revealed. The return of two castaways from the season prior: Stephenie LaGrossa and Bobby Jon Drinkard is one. The second is the 11-mile hike through the Guatemalan jungle as the first reward challenge. It lasted close to 24 hours and were concluded only by mere minutes difference between the two tribes. Nothing is really memorable in this season except for Gary Hogeboom, an ex-NFL quarterback, who tried to hide his true identity by saying that his name was Gary Hawkins, only being outed 5 minutes into the game.

Memorable Castaways.

Gary Hogeboom.

At least he had a strategy into the game: masking his true identity. He was the first person ever on Survivor who found an individual Immunity Idol, a later recurring game element of the game. I kinda suspect that he was actually in a tight alliance with Danni. Whether the alliance was based on starstruck, one never knows.

Rafe Judkins.

As the first openly gay Mormon on Survivor, Rafe has all the gay viewers' eyes on him. Funnily, one of the first impressions on Rafe his inability to climb a rope ladder in a challenge, that subsequently cost his team the challenge. But then, Rafe proved that he was actually one of the best strategic player on Survivor. Not having any clear physical asset, he managed to puppeteer the ouster of his fellow tribe mates. He was the best contender to win in final four, until he sort of giving up his position in final three.

Continued to: part 3

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

today's one liner

Is it freaky to wonder which undies to wear at Idul Fitri?

Sunday, October 07, 2007

mood: super panic

I just realize this afternoon that I don't know the whereabouts of my mobile phone. And I can't (exactly) remember the last time I used it.


Saturday, October 06, 2007

because I was late to squat when playing tak lari jongkok

Since now I'm one of the its, I have to do the thing she did in this post.

So, I guess 8 little unusual things about me, eh. First things first, only 8? Ehehe..

1. He's only a random guy that I don't and don't want to and prolly will never know, but I really can't stand Tom Cruise.

2. Because the communal toilet in my junior high freaks me out, I successfully graduated without going into and peeing on it.

3. Call me shallow, but as a customer, things need to be visually appealing or at least well-designed. Eventhough at the end of the day, I kept putting features before looks.

4. I have a tendency to later on really like something I previously really hated, take Love Ain't Here Anymore and NSync.

5. The best way to celebrate birthday is by not celebrating it.

6. Compulsive is my middle name when it comes to accuracy.

7. I use math instead of memory or logic everytime someone asks me questions like, "How old are you?" or "What time will you be home?" or "How many guys will tag along?".

8. Unless I'm on vacation, since 1998, there hasn't been a day gone by without me playing a wee bit (or LOT) of Starcraft.

I don't think I have 8 friends who reads this blog and blogs and hasn't been taken. So, I'm the last it, methinks.

Friday, October 05, 2007

must read for any boybands mania (do they still use this word?) out there

Lou Pearlman's story in Vanity Fair.

BTW, Lou Pearlman is the man who was responsible for the existence of Backstreet Boys, NSync, and for those of you who stay or have stayed in Germany, US5.

Yes, US5. Hihihihihihihi..

Scary, no?

Thursday, October 04, 2007

how friendster cracks me up

Dear NDC a.k.a Credo,

Wow, Delft must really have changed you a LOT. Please tell me, was it the stress, the climate, the food, or the culture that has the most impact on you? Because seriously, I can't tell which one you are anymore from your avatar picture on Friendster. Are you the left one or the right one?

We haven't met for like months and still months to come until you got back from Delft, I know, and I seriously doubt that I have memory-loss-related disease, and I know that were your picture in my computer, it is not my most-viewed file anyway. So remind me please, which one are you?

NDC's avatar on FriendsterDear Olan,

I know we haven't been the best of friends for the past 10 years since we left high school eventhough we were enrolled in the same college. Seeing your new pic on Friendster though, I am so happy with your decision that you're now wearing a jilbab. Wait.

You? Jilbab? It's not really for you, innit? So, is there something bigger you want to tell us here?

Olan's avatar on FriendsterDear NDC and Olan,

Yeah, you guys owe it to friendster's algorithm. Don't take my post personally. Hehehe.. There's still thousands of profiles out there needed to be rescued from this errr ... hilariousity.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

reliving Olivia Olson moment

Well. Olivia Olson may only have a little screen time during Love Actually. But for me, hers is the only scene from any movies I can remember when I saw the thing pictured here below.

Scissor Sisters DVDThe talked-about scene goes like this:

JOANNA [singing]
All I want for Christmas is ...
[short pause, high-pitched]
youuuuuuuuu!Note to self: start saving up.