Tuesday, October 16, 2007

the return of Peter Petrelli's hair (or lack thereof)

ACHTUNG: minor spoiler to Heroes.

After what I felt like eternity, the owner of the most delicious hair on TV returns to everyone's screen this fall. It still takes a while in Indonesia, but thanks to the ingenious work of people who should not be named or I don't know them but I'm so damn thankful for them, we can already meet him.

Don't wonder though, if you see some of his attributes weren't returning with him. First, his memory seems to wander away from his brain. The first thing he said when returning was, "I don't know. I don't know." when he was asked of his name.

Second, it seems like his top garment has left him alone. He was found shirtless, only wearing a a helix-hung necklace from his waist above. I smell a conspiracy between Men's Fitness and a trainer who can now put "Bulking Milo Ventimiglia up during off-season Heroes" in his resume.

Third, with a better lighting, we now can see that the most delicious hair on TV is not returning. I know. Bummer. There's only two logical explanation for this. (1) The cutbacks made the execs fire some hair stylist. (2) The result of most poll said, Yes, it's distracting.

Hairful or hairless (wait, that came off REALLY wrong) it is still exciting to watch Heroes. Except for the Hiro Nakamura's 17th century "adventure" a.k.a yes, I get it, he's the most popular character in season one and the actor even got multi-nominated, but can't we move on, please?

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