Saturday, October 06, 2007

because I was late to squat when playing tak lari jongkok

Since now I'm one of the its, I have to do the thing she did in this post.

So, I guess 8 little unusual things about me, eh. First things first, only 8? Ehehe..

1. He's only a random guy that I don't and don't want to and prolly will never know, but I really can't stand Tom Cruise.

2. Because the communal toilet in my junior high freaks me out, I successfully graduated without going into and peeing on it.

3. Call me shallow, but as a customer, things need to be visually appealing or at least well-designed. Eventhough at the end of the day, I kept putting features before looks.

4. I have a tendency to later on really like something I previously really hated, take Love Ain't Here Anymore and NSync.

5. The best way to celebrate birthday is by not celebrating it.

6. Compulsive is my middle name when it comes to accuracy.

7. I use math instead of memory or logic everytime someone asks me questions like, "How old are you?" or "What time will you be home?" or "How many guys will tag along?".

8. Unless I'm on vacation, since 1998, there hasn't been a day gone by without me playing a wee bit (or LOT) of Starcraft.

I don't think I have 8 friends who reads this blog and blogs and hasn't been taken. So, I'm the last it, methinks.

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m lim said...

what??? main Starcraft tiap hari? rajin ye :p