Thursday, October 04, 2007

how friendster cracks me up

Dear NDC a.k.a Credo,

Wow, Delft must really have changed you a LOT. Please tell me, was it the stress, the climate, the food, or the culture that has the most impact on you? Because seriously, I can't tell which one you are anymore from your avatar picture on Friendster. Are you the left one or the right one?

We haven't met for like months and still months to come until you got back from Delft, I know, and I seriously doubt that I have memory-loss-related disease, and I know that were your picture in my computer, it is not my most-viewed file anyway. So remind me please, which one are you?

NDC's avatar on FriendsterDear Olan,

I know we haven't been the best of friends for the past 10 years since we left high school eventhough we were enrolled in the same college. Seeing your new pic on Friendster though, I am so happy with your decision that you're now wearing a jilbab. Wait.

You? Jilbab? It's not really for you, innit? So, is there something bigger you want to tell us here?

Olan's avatar on FriendsterDear NDC and Olan,

Yeah, you guys owe it to friendster's algorithm. Don't take my post personally. Hehehe.. There's still thousands of profiles out there needed to be rescued from this errr ... hilariousity.


mellyana said...

I thought he was taking plastic surgery or else....

have to check own fs
better play with a new toy: FB...

joint, bie?

Credo said...
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Credo said...

Heyyy... It was that dumb FS.. I posted the picture with three people in it.. I was the far-right guy. Unfortunately FS only showed my two friends.. so, that's what you saw.. :D I think that happened because the picture I published was too big in size. I have changed my primary picture just now.. But that's before I read ur post, hehehehe..

Bie said...

melly: FB sounds interesting. But I'm well over these social networking thing. (check me back in around two weeks though. hehehhee)

NDC: Err, do I have to explain everything? BTW, it's not how "big" the picture was, it's how friendster put it in a frame. Compare it to Yahoo! Messenger if you'd like to.

mellyana said...

hai, I tagged you :)
check my own. you have to list 8 things about you