Friday, November 18, 2005

hairy spot her (DONT rearrange the words)

Current music in ear: Into the Woods - watched movie: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Let's play my own version of fact or fiction. Feel free to play along.

1. Fact or Fiction: I prepared watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by completely forgetting how the story went.

2. Fact or Fiction: I was relieved that there are no boring and unsatisfying quidditch game(s) scenes.

3. Fact or Fiction: Harry Potter has a gay follower.

4. Fact or Fiction: I am 25.

5. Fact or Fiction: Even so, I got so iffy on Harry's sex scene in the bath tub.

6. Fact or Fiction: I think, 14-year-old Hermione Granger is hotter to be asked to prom than the 17-year-old french students, exactly like the film suggests.

7. Fact or Fiction: Ralph Fiennes, playing Lord Voldemort, is a lefty.

8. Fact or Fiction: Lord Voldemort, played by Ralph Fiennes, is a lefty.

9. Fact or Fiction: Statement 7 and 8 are true, or one has to be made up in order to achieve a good shot of Harry vs. Voldemort.

10. Fact or Fiction: I actually enjoyed the movie.

As of now, I haven't had the answers to all the questions above, but I will, and do you need more questions?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

you are f*ing euphoric

Current books read: American Gods by Neil Gaiman - expected TV program: DSDS. RTL. Tonite!! - watched dvd: Taken

Yesterday, in a chat session of me and a friend, I said, "Sometimes it's funny that a simple daily word can mean a hell lot different in a circle of friends."

For example. As I was in high school the word contaminate could tear my circle of friends apart with laughter. The same thing happen with one of my friends if I said the words make fun. Or in other cases, endless chatting session have brought me and a friend to always use the word SUWE (being in bad luck) simply for fun.

And the word euphoria as well. This word was introduced by me (I know, I am responsible of some of the change of an uninteresting word to be interesting..) as we were talking about a (some) friend(s) who is (are) euphoric about anything.

For example. The Da Vinci Code boomed. One friend read it because everyone else read it. We call it: euphoric. There's a trend in competing in international choir festival. One choir took part because it's the trend now. Euphoric. A friend was saying an opinion because (get this) americans are having that opinion as well. Euphoric.

Euphoria has grown towards a negative sense because of the topics then. So as I last night did something euphoric, I wonder, what will my friends (that circle) think about me then.

The story: I logged in to my friends AOL around 22:53 Germany time. At that time, it was 7 minutes before Madonna performed Live in Koko Club in London, and AOL streamed it of course. So what can I do? Yep.. Watched it..

I'm not a fan of Madge, nor remember all of her songs, nor danced to her songs, nor going to clubs playing her songs, nor talk about her, being inspired by her etc. etc. I did buy her Something to Remember album, though.. So how come I was so excited in watching this Lively streamed concert? Only one word. Euphoria..

So, my dear friends.. I just did something totally blatantly shamelessly euphoric thing. But unlike playing Sudoku, almost going to Kim Cattrall signing session, watching Harry Potter 4 tomorrow, I'm watching Madge's concert 100% euphorically.

Argh. That's not even a word.

BTW, Madge is a gorgeous performer and character. No wonder many peeps adore her.

Have fun by watching DSDS tonight.

Friday, November 11, 2005

pouting weekend

Let's have a pouting weekend.. I really need the need to pout as I knew that..

Westlife is covering You Raise Me Up, originally performed by Josh Groban.

Gekotzt. Gekotzt. Gekotzt.

How could the flat screeching vocal of Shane Filan or screaming vocal of Bryan or thin vocal of Mark take on the full round soft vocal of Groban's? Arrggghh.. Let's have a pouting weekend.

Now I understand my friend's feeling when he knew that Boyzone was covering Father and Son from Cat Stevens..

Viva La Pouting Weekendo..

PS: Who was shamelessly their number one fan, raise your hand. Only me? Alright then, let me live it with shame now.. :)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Current books read: American Gods by Neil Gaiman - music in ear: Kevin Spacey singing the soundtrack of Beyond the Sea - watched dvd: Taken episode 1, 2, 3 - study reading: Environmental Economics

- The bad thing is: on the first day that I had the chance to weigh myself, I lost 4 kgs.

+ The good thing is: The next day, I gain back 1,5 kg, and constantly being hungry. Clearly stating that I am underweight and getting back on track.

- The bad thing is: Eventhough my weight is somewhat back, I am still somewhat out of shape due to lack of training.

+ The good thing is: Due to the fact that fasting month is over, I can go back in the game.

- The bad thing is: A mixture of laziness, busi-ness, and some other goals that I want to achieve by the end of this year, going to gym is put-off more often than ever.

+ The good thing is: I have a new schedule of swimming regularly.

- The bad thing is: Swimming is considered cardio that I am not recommended to do it more 15 (FIFTEEN!!) minutes per week (WEEK!!!)

+ The good thing is: I am still lousy at swimming and rarely used 100% of my time on the pool swimming.

- The bad thing is: Swimming can make things worse.

+ The good thing is: Winter doth come (why do I have to use this phrase every year and year and year)

- The bad thing is: It's winter

+ The good thing is: Out of shapes are hidden under pullover, thin or thick jacket and so on.

- The bad thing is: Do not have many of 'em, because they're useless in Indonesia, anyway. Will get bored easily and going out of the house more seldom.

+ The good thing is: I can stay at home, catching up with a lot of things: movies, books, cookings..

- The bad thing is: Read the first line of this entry.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

bye bye the last Br----

Current expected TV program: Wetten, dass ...? Heute. 20:15. ZDF

It's just so... sad, to see Brandon voted off in the most current Survivor: Guatemala episode. Since episode one Brandon had presented himself as the most lovable mate in the pack. Now that he's not there, how can one enjoy Survivor?

BrandonBrandon is a typical guy that I like to hang out with. He's chatty without being curious and investigating, relaxed without being boring, crazy without making you ashamed, funny without being corny, comfortable without being easy, and doesn't hold back without being insulting. The way he said his words is unbelievably entertaining and can make people get starstruck.

Five episodes more without Brandon. Sigh.. He just had one of the best personality out there. Maybe aquarians are just like that ;). Aren't they NDC and Holli? (Du bist auch Wasserman, oder, Holli?)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

YES!! Finally, baby!!

Current books read: American Gods by Neil Gaiman - music in ear: Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim - watched dvd: Grease

Update: Tuh, kan... :-((((