Saturday, November 05, 2005

bye bye the last Br----

Current expected TV program: Wetten, dass ...? Heute. 20:15. ZDF

It's just so... sad, to see Brandon voted off in the most current Survivor: Guatemala episode. Since episode one Brandon had presented himself as the most lovable mate in the pack. Now that he's not there, how can one enjoy Survivor?

BrandonBrandon is a typical guy that I like to hang out with. He's chatty without being curious and investigating, relaxed without being boring, crazy without making you ashamed, funny without being corny, comfortable without being easy, and doesn't hold back without being insulting. The way he said his words is unbelievably entertaining and can make people get starstruck.

Five episodes more without Brandon. Sigh.. He just had one of the best personality out there. Maybe aquarians are just like that ;). Aren't they NDC and Holli? (Du bist auch Wasserman, oder, Holli?)

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Credo said...

Hoo, so he's Aquarian? Then, could be.. huehehehehe..
[hehe, dah lama ga buka2 blog ni.. hiks.. post terakhirku aja dah sbulan yg lalu..]