Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Current books read: American Gods by Neil Gaiman - music in ear: Kevin Spacey singing the soundtrack of Beyond the Sea - watched dvd: Taken episode 1, 2, 3 - study reading: Environmental Economics

- The bad thing is: on the first day that I had the chance to weigh myself, I lost 4 kgs.

+ The good thing is: The next day, I gain back 1,5 kg, and constantly being hungry. Clearly stating that I am underweight and getting back on track.

- The bad thing is: Eventhough my weight is somewhat back, I am still somewhat out of shape due to lack of training.

+ The good thing is: Due to the fact that fasting month is over, I can go back in the game.

- The bad thing is: A mixture of laziness, busi-ness, and some other goals that I want to achieve by the end of this year, going to gym is put-off more often than ever.

+ The good thing is: I have a new schedule of swimming regularly.

- The bad thing is: Swimming is considered cardio that I am not recommended to do it more 15 (FIFTEEN!!) minutes per week (WEEK!!!)

+ The good thing is: I am still lousy at swimming and rarely used 100% of my time on the pool swimming.

- The bad thing is: Swimming can make things worse.

+ The good thing is: Winter doth come (why do I have to use this phrase every year and year and year)

- The bad thing is: It's winter

+ The good thing is: Out of shapes are hidden under pullover, thin or thick jacket and so on.

- The bad thing is: Do not have many of 'em, because they're useless in Indonesia, anyway. Will get bored easily and going out of the house more seldom.

+ The good thing is: I can stay at home, catching up with a lot of things: movies, books, cookings..

- The bad thing is: Read the first line of this entry.

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