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towards Survivor: All-Stars 2 part 3

Following up (again) what I have written part 1 and part 2, and realizing the fact that season 16 will indeed be an All-Star edition, it's only fair if I finish this long due entry.

Let's pick up where we left before.

Survivor: Panama - Exile Island

The 12th installment of Survivor was actually the third Survivor shot in Panama. However, what made it unique is the fact that the castaways were initially divided into four tribes: younger men, younger women, older men, and older women. Through survivorian true testaments, the final four was surprisingly comprised of one member from each original tribes.

Memorable Castaways.

Terry Deitz

Terry was determined to dominate this season Survivor. He was successful in doing it physically by winning five individual immunity challenges consecutively. Mentally, he was actively trying to shuffle the game only to find his plans fail again and again. He also found the hidden immunity idol buried in Exile Island that kept him safe until final four. On one point of the game, he tried to lure a member of the opposing alliance to jump ship by giving up the hidden immunity idol. The move was considered to be the best strategic move in Survivor that never happened.

Cirie Fields

Cirie, everybody's darling. It was amazing seeing Cirie and Terry in this season. For these two players are each other's opposite and worst enemy. Cirie is definitely one of the weakest contestant ever when it comes to physical strength. But she is the only one who's smart enough to do strategic maneuvers in the course of the game. There are some points in the game where Terry tried to gain control by shifting numbers into his side. Almost every time Cirie came to dismantle Terry's plan. In one sentence, everything that Terry is, Cirie isn't.

Survivor: Cook Islands

This season was a risky one. First, the castaways were divided based on race. Four tribes were conceived: Asian American, African American, Hispanic American, and Caucasian American. Second, most of the castaways were actually recruited rather than selected via audition tapes. However, Survivor: Cook Islands turned out to be one of the best seasons of Survivor to date. For me personally, the game play, the twists and the conclusion was very entertaining to watch.

Memorable Castaways.

Ozzy Lusth

The runner-up from this season, Ozzy, was a dominating force in challenges. Candice, a fellow competitor, once described him as "half animal, half man, part fish, part monkey, part lord knows what." That pretty much sums up his performance in challenges. Not only that, Ozzy was also a strategic and loyal player, which is proven to be a great asset to his alliance.

Parvati Shallow

In the first episodes of Survivor: Cook Islands, I honestly thought Parvati was there solely to be one of the eye candies of the season. It turns out, that Parvati was a force to be reckoned with. She was one of the strongest female competitor in Survivor history. Her demise was the fact that she was in a bad alliance. She needs another chance and perhaps more spotlight this time.

Survivor: Fiji

Overall, Survivor: Fiji is kinda boring to be honest with you. For me, this season was memorable for one thing only. The ugliest final tribal council to date. If you remember the rat-and-snake speech by Susan in the first season, try imagining it came out of each and every jury's mouth. It was gruelly disturbing.

Memorable Castaways.

Yau Man Chan

Just watch the season. He's definitely an all-star worthy. One of the best players ever to play Survivor. The producers are absolutely losing their minds if they decided to do an all-star without Yau Man.

Michelle Yi

Michelle is one of the key players responsible for the success of the eventual winner of the season. Earl Cole, the winner of Survivor: Fiji, had never watched Survivor before. Eventhough Yau Man who was the one who approached Earl to make an alliance of two and later on recruited Michelle, she was actually the one who explained to Earl how the game should be (or is usually) played. Besides she had one of the best Survivor moments on episode 7.

So far, I have 7 female contestants and 9 male. It means there's still rooms for Survivor: China contestants.

As a backup, also memorable:
  • Scout, Eliza and Julie from Vanuatu
  • Coby from Palau
  • Brian, Cindy and Judd from Guatemala
  • Becky and Candice from Cook Islands

Now I can sleep well and see the spoiler.

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