Wednesday, November 07, 2007

i'll cover you

Once in a while, not too often though, there were times, like last weekend, when I met someone on a par with me on many levels. This someone specifically was on a par with my pop culture knowledge and musicals.

After he confessed his obsession on some things, he asked me what I was obsessed with. I said, "Musical theater. Clearly, since I spent the whole SATURDAY NIGHT staying in and not sleeping listening to some of them and having marathon on my DVD." Suddenly he sang a number from Les Misérables, which luckily I kinda know every word, since it is the music of the people who will not be slaves again.

Then he asked me, "Have you ever watched Rent?" I informed him that Rent was actually one of the musicals (movie, this time) that I marathon-ly watched Saturday night. Without any cue, he sang, "Live in my house / I'll be your shelter / Just pay me back / with 1000 kisses." I replied with ...

"Shit. I know what that song is, I don't know the next line is, I don't know how to sing it. Damn!"

Rent - I'll Cover YouAnd later on that night, as we approached that vile franchise that starts to take over the world, I said sang, unfortunately off key, "I should tell you / I should tell you [that I prefer not to have a drink in that place that shouldn't be named]" Of course I got the appropriate reply, which was, "I should tell you / I should tell you."

I was too embarrassed to sing it off key and stick with my inability of continuing the previous number. So. With God (and the collection of my pirated musicals) on my side, I know that I am chosen to do one thing and one thing only this Thursday.

Learn how to cover songs from Rent. My repertoire will be:
  • Light My Candle
  • Another Day
  • I Should Tell You
  • Take Me or Leave Me
  • Without You
And of course both versions of I'll Cover You. So had there been a next time, I could reply with, "Be my lover / and I'll cover you."

Well, maybe not "lover" lover though.

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