Friday, November 09, 2007

to run or not to run (or no, it will still take a freaking long time for me to get over this already overused Hamlet thingy, so shut up)

Since 1999 (I remember it clearly because at that time I was wearing a red ribbon on my right collar, only to be asked by an ignorant lab partner, "Is it someone's birthday? Why are you wearing a ribbon?" Yeah, he got lucky I didn't go home and change to the "I'm with stupid" T-shirt.), there is always a mark in my calendar on December 1st.

This year that mark can even be bigger and bolder because yesterday I got the invitation to join a Stop AIDS! Start Running - 10K Run & 5K Walk 2007 (click picture to see whole flyer).

There is only one problem: I couldn't really say right away whether I would run.

Not to run: despite my skinny build and all those physical activities, (Mel, get this) I have low endurance when it comes to running.

To run: I know, endurance, schmendurance. It can be built and trained anyway.

Not to run: But training for a 5K means introducing a large amount of cardio in my workout regime.

To run: It's a good training anyway. Not only physically, but one can also train one's discipline and commitment.

Not to run: That amount of cardio can easily destroy my bulking-up keeping-the-weight-on program.

To run: Bulking up is so 1990's anyway.

Not to run: Based on an edition of Fitness RX that I have, the crash course for a 5K takes 6 (damn, six!) weeks to complete, with some prerequisites that I don't know if I have, when I only have 3 weeks or perhaps less, and the run is 10K anyway.

To run: This could be my The Mr. Bowmont.

Maybe I should stop weighing stuff and start looking for a running mate.

PS: Which will be the better running soundtrack actually? Whitney Houston's Run to You, or Bee Gees' Run to Me? And nah, the theme from Chariots of Fire is far overused.

PPS: Nah, I wasn't inspired by the alleged publicity stunt from Mrs. Cruise.


mellyana said...

have endurance, lack commitment. that's me being too snob ;)

Bie said...

have endurance?? How I'd kill ...

Geget said...

menarik uda lama ga lari ni..I love my knees too much..but the endurance training benar2 menarik..and I don't mean just in sports..ahahaha..

Bie said...

not in sports? in eating? i really need endurance in eating..

ada yang jalan kok Get. Dan pemenangnya adalah yang kostum atau poster tentang AIDSnya terbaik.

Elo kan sering jadi panitia yang costume-y. Hehehehhe..