Wednesday, November 14, 2007

one minute silence mourning the departure of Djokovic from the 2007 Masters Cup

09:59 AM - [...]

10:00 AM - I seriously envy everyone with StarSports or Eurosport or whatever like those at their home.


Geget said...

what's with the long titles these days? hehe.. and thou shalt not envy, it's one of the Fincher's deadly sins..ahahaha..

Bie said...

err.. The long titles are sooo from yesteryear. Hmm.. That came out wrong.

I know! Maybe the word should be replaced by "should buddy-buddy". But I love to sin though. Huehehehehe.. (Eventhough try my best not to do the lethal ones).

Anonymous said...

wah kalo gue kemarin bisa melek ampe malem nonton final Justin vs Maria di Eurosport :D

gak sabar nunggu semifinal masters cup hehe

salam kenal

Bie said...

prabowo: dude, seriously..