Wednesday, November 28, 2007

i should tell you

I just realized that I just picked a bad habit.

You see, the ideal thing to do after carefully composing an SMS so that it won't exceed 160 characters is press the send button, select the number to send, and then press the confirm button.

After this routine is done, my cell will return to the composing window as if I was still composing the message. But unluckily I have two other habits that made the current state of the screen ambiguous.

1. I delete delivery reports immediately.

2. I like to re-read what I just sent out. In this case, I have to go back to the composing window.

The problem is, sometimes I leave my phone BEFORE I press the send button just because I thought I hadn't finished composing OR I leave my phone just like that AFTER I re-read my freshly composed message. By then, I don't know whether the message I was reading was already sent.

For those of you who sometimes received double identical message from me, one a while after the other, now you know why.

Or maybe sometimes I just can't wait any longer for a reply but too cheap to call.

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sahathutajulubo said...

me too

I also have this bad habbit

I feel very sorry to all my friend. Coz, this make me rarely reply their message.

After I realize I haven't reply their message, I already lose my mood to type again