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towards Survivor: All-Stars 2 part 1

Rumor has it that the 16th installment of the series I love to watch as a capsulized learning experience on social human behaviour a.k.a Survivor will be another all-star. This time, the returnee are supposedly players from seasons 9 to 15. Make sense. Since the last all-star was the 8th one.

As an avid Survivor fan, I can only wonder which players from all those seasons can make the All-Stars. I don't have any jotted down criteria for the induction, but let's start with the winners.

Survivor: Vanuatu

Winner: Chris Daugherty.

No, not the bald and allegedly a copycat of Ed Kowalzcyk Chris Daughtry. This Chris was almost voted off in the first episode, when he was solely blamed for the loss at the first immunity challenge. He weaseled his way out, only to find himself in a post-merge tribe laden with female alliance pagonging the guys one by one. Chris was last man standing opposing the female alliance, only to succeed being the last contestant standing.

His strategy deals with sucking up and saying the right words, but his strategic move (especially in making sure that Eliza voted with him and his alliance in final 7) can not be overlooked.

All star worthy? Yes.

Survivor: Palau

Winner: Tom Westman.

Tom was lucky. He was handed the final immunity idol by his strongest contender, and a clear winner had he didn't give it to Tom. He had the easiest final two contestant to beat: his coat-rider called Katie. He survived to the end because of streaks of winning immunity challenge.

And in the end, he kinda bullied his way to the finals.

All star worthy? Please, no.

Survivor: Guatemala

Winner: Danni Boatwright.

Yay! Danni! Danni reminds me of Jenna Morasca (Survivor: Amazon) sans the spoiled image. She was pagonged last from her alliance because of being thought the least physical threat. She then won immunity challenges at the right time. She locked her win when Rafe, strongest candidate to win, cut her loose from her promise to take him to final two.

Danni brought her easiest competitor to final two, and she wins hands down.

All star worthy? Yes.

Survivor: Panama

Winner: Aras Baskauskas.

Aras was a bit overshadowed by two of his fellow tribe mates: his ally Cirie, and his biggest enemy Terry. These two are two of the most memorable characters of all Survivors. Cirie especially.

Aras's win was somehow cleverly orchestrated by Cirie who took care of him (and their alliance members) by playing an almost perfect mental game. His full trust to Cirie (and I think a bit hatred to Terry) and a deal with Danielle in the end gave him the title.

All star worthy? No.

Survivor: Cook Islands

Winner: Yul Kwon.

Yul was in a very dramatic and outstanding season of Survivor. At the beginning, the contestants were divided two four tribes based on race. In two merges and one twist later Yul finds himself in one of the tightest alliance ever on Survivor. I honestly believe that each and every member of that alliance cares for the other.

Yul found the hidden immunity idol, and succeeded to use it in the right time. His clever strategizing also paid him back by giving him the win.

All star worthy? Oh, yes, please.

Survivor: Fiji

Winner: Earl Cole.

How Earl wins Survivor: Fiji still puzzles me. Well, OK. It's a perfect combination between good alliance, sheer luck because the deserving winner voted off before him, and a not-so-deserving final three, made the jury have the easiest job of all.

Earl wins unanimously a never-happened-before Survivor result. This was possible since he was up against a complete and total liar whom the jury hated because of backing out on his own words and a passive competitor.

All star worthy? No.

So, only Chris, Yul and Danni? Hmm, I think so. But looking back in the previous All-Stars when they had four winners competing again, I think it would be OK if Tom competes it again.

Survivor: China, the 15th installment has not been aired yet.

Next up, memorable contestants per season.

Continued to: part 2.

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