Thursday, August 23, 2007

Grey's A Knot to Me

Somewhere, in this world, where real things are, there should be a wall. On this wall there should be a rack. On this rack there should be numerous awards. On these awards are names, names of people who help create "Grey's Anatomy". (Watch it, link is full of spoilers from previous seasons)

Watching "Grey's Anatomy" makes me want to hurt myself. Badly enough to have a surgical case and be admitted at that place where those five interns spend most of their days. Lightly enough to still be able to interact with them, getting involved with the dramas, throwing out useless and pointless "advice", holding my ears out so freaking wide so that I am updated with all who-is-screwing-who-who-is-screwing-who-else shebang. And most importantly subtly enough so that I won't be transferred to psych.

I'm one season behind where the series actually is now, and believe me I was never bored. You know how they say that you should never say never, but NEVER. Watching it feels like that I've been tied down to my chair. Like, with a very strong knot.

I was torn if I have to decide what's so good about the series. On one day, I would think that the acting was superior, far superior from other hospital dramas. But another day, I was certain it was the writing. Or, wait. Maybe it was the casting director who had done a one hell of a good job. But it's got to be the music supervisor who successfully fuses this today it's current cool music tomorrow it's haunting theme to the series, right?

If I were an actor, and I were cast on "Grey's", I would have been very scared. Like scared-of-hell scared. Like I-will-play-the-life-of-a-surgeon-who-doesn't-have-a-life scared. Why? Because the acting is so demanding. And I know that "so" only consists of two characters so it doesn't really do that sentence justice, but so.

It was demanding because little by little the producers decided to reveal layers of layers of the character's life. And their emotions. They will only have their core personality to work with, but as humanly as they are, different emotions from each of the characters are needed to come out in the series. And so far, two seasons in, the acting work from the group is compelling.

So by the time 59th Emmy is being celebrated, I'll be waiting to know who will take home the statue for the best supporting actress in a drama series. I don't really care who will, though.

As long as it's Sandra Oh.

PS: OK, I admit it. I actually can not really talk much about the Emmys since I haven't even watched a single episode of "The Sopranos". Sopranos schmopranos. Meh.


Charlie Hendrawan said...

ah ternyata gue bukan satu2nya orang yg suka dg seri ini dan sering mikirin kenapa ya gue suka seri ini (terutama pas ngeyakinin orang laen, iyaa loe mesti banget nonton yg ini.. beda banget sama ER dll lah) ya itu deh, cuma mentok di "beda banget sama ER dll" :P and sandra oh is cool indeed...

Bie said...

Mungkin karena ER is so 90's (no pun intended. well, maybe it is), Charl..

Kayaknya si emang serial ini bagus karena eksplorasi tiap karakternya maksimal dan berhasil maksimal. Yang berarti emang writing, acting dan casting bekerja very cohesively.