Wednesday, August 22, 2007

bar tending bartenders

Everybody should have a bartender. A stranger you know by first name basis. A stranger who eventhough you told them about sometimes embarrassing sometimes frustrating sometimes exhilarating stories, barely knows you enough to call you their friend. A stranger whom you comfortable enough to talk to about your day in a non-intimately way like you might have done with your lover or partner.

A stranger works in your happy place, ready for you every time you walk in, ready for exchanging greetings, but will not be offended of feel left out if you come with your friend and decide to talk to them the whole night.

I don't go to bars, hence I don't have "my" bartender. But I have my "bartender". Four of them to be precise.

You see, they were the firsts to know that I lost my cell. I told one of them and saying things like: Shit. That's just shitty right? Downright shitty. Shitty shitty. And they said comforting stuff like: Ah, come on. It's just not your day. And if he were my bartender, he would have said: This one's on me.

I told them when I had to attend an emotionally-difficult-to-attend wedding. My cousin. Who is a male, 27, was born like three months after I was. Gah! They were like: Good luck with it. Come here after it, though. Releases some stress. And if he were my bartender, he would have said: ... and the drinks then will be on me.

Yesterday, I approached the counter where they work behind with a book in hand. One of them asked what the book I was having. And I said that it was Stardust and perhaps they wouldn't be interested in it anyway. The movie would be out soon anyway, so better wait for the movie.

One of them surprisingly told me that he knew the movie. "There is this guy, right? He's promising a girl that he will return to her, and the girl waits, something like that." I think he was blushing seeing me surprised that he knew this plot line.

Still, plot lines like that can easily be found in countless movie titled similar too Kuch Kushie Dewanna Mil Hai.

But then, he said one thing: "And then, there is this girl, who's a fallen star."

I was like, "Right! How'd you know that?" I then had to brief him and two other "bartender" about Stardust, careful enough not to spoil them. And had they not been my bartenders, I would definitely ask them whether they wanted to catch it together.

I was so excited finding out a side of my bartender that I have never seen before. You see things like this, finding out sides or layers of people, are one of the things that really excites me.

Guess that explains why I suck in relationships then.

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