Tuesday, August 28, 2007

self-diagnosed whatever

I've sunk so low. I've sunk very low. I have sunk that low. How low? Well, as low as one can possibly sink. So, that low.

I yelped yesterday. That's right. Yelped. A tiny little yelp. That's it. Reminds me of the sound that one of those beautiful creatures made when their master went out to work and they were left with me. Yelp. Not an "Awwwww....". Or an already overused (How overused, you asked? Even my turning-three-in-four-days niece uses it already, and people who are responsible for her all point their fingers at me.) "Oh, my God."

But no. Not a full sentence either metaphoric or literal. Not a word. Not even an interjection can be translated by characters. No. No. No. No.

A yelp. Out-of-nowhere squeaky yelp. Scary.

Reason: I was rewatching "How I Met Your Mother". And I yelped. I yelped because one of those Ted Mosby non-romantic turned romantic moments. Grrrr. I didn't even know why I yelped. Touched perhaps.

So that's it. I've sunk so low. I yelped while watching "How I Met Your Mother".

PS: I know everybody is all about Neil Patrick Harris when it comes to this series, but I'm all about Marshall. He's such a fine character. And the actor who portrays him has a name that reminds you of that DIY-no-one-will-know-anyway-that-you're-doing-it exercise. I'm just saying.

PPS: Oh, I'm not saying that NPH is not good, no. He's good. Goooooooood, even. I'm just saying that as a character, Marshall is ... newer.

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