Thursday, March 23, 2006

lovely day

Current book read: Designing with Web Standards by Jeffrey Zeldman - music in ear: American Idol 5 top 11 performances - watched dvd: Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen

Jacket, checked. Sunglasses, checked. Beanie, unchecked. Shawl, checked.

I LOVE Hamburg today. Today is like the day that I have been longing for for ... two weeks, perhaps. :)

Finally the temperature reaches two digits. Felt temperatures 10 degrees, to be precise. The sun is shining, clear sky, fair spring breeze.. Exactly just what a man needs.

I am working indoors for the whole time, unfortunately (it is still too cold to be outside the whole day, anyway), but I planned to finish earlier (say, 16:30?) in order to be able to enjoy this weather.

Me and the monsters
I just wished that this picture was taken today. :) We would have had much more fun, then. Because the crazy snappish guy in the middle wouldn't have been so snappish..

OK, mate and ploughboy! Start your carol!


Charlie Hendrawan said...

abis nginstall firefox ... oh gini toh mestinya blog itu keliatannya... eheheheh ;D

Charlie Hendrawan said...

dan blog gue ternyata jadi nggak pas gambarnya di firefox...arrrgghhh!?!

Bie said...

yah begitulah seharusnya.. hehehe.. tapi seharusnya seharusnya ya gak kayak gini, abis banyak yang gue gak bisa nampilinnya sih.. :p

Holger said...

This goldie is very cute. Is it yours?

Bie said...

Unfortunately, no. She's my friend's friend's boyfriend's.

Holger said...

I love this dogs. If I could I like to have one.

Bie said...

Ugh. Now I get what you meant. Goldie is golden retriever, eh?

In that case, he is my friend's friend's.

Then adopt one! ;)