Sunday, March 12, 2006

six questions


Abaton. The lovely and I-love-it-so-much Abaton.


I watched it on March 8, a day before the official premiere in Germany. Yee ha!


It was good. A good drama. In other words kinda boring. Personally, it is so difficult for me to connect with the movie. I don't really understand the culture, I don't understand the terms, I don't understand the flow of the story. I just don't get it.

I mean, it was clear from the beginning that if you do this you will be that. But why were they keep asking them in the end. Nothing surprising, and nothing really special as well.


I just really want to know. After loving Ang Lee the first time after he directed 'Sense and Sensibility', I really need to know why the Academy took this movie as a validation for his directing.

It is for me a similar but a bit better work than his other gay flick: 'The Wedding Banquet'. Now that is easy to connect with, eventhough the movie is not that compelling. (Although off the record, I think that The Wedding Banquet wasn't headlining much news because it is more asian than it is american. Culturally.)

Ang Lee really likes to let the audience make their own narration, when he introduces characters and situations. But when the time for the actors to speak .... Now it is I who will let you make your own narration. Hehehe..


I like Michelle Williams' character, Alma, a LOT. She is the best character out there. I felt her the most in every single scene that she was in. That is why I was wondering why the audience were laughing on the scene that she caught her husband kissing Jack. I think that scene is the most important scene of the whole movie. And I know that this wasn't only happening in Abaton.

Did you laugh, like out loud, when this scene came? I didn't. I felt really nervous.. And I didn't really understand why the others were laughing.

Starting from that scene, everything about the main characters are changed, everything now is shattered, promised, hoped, longed for, and missed. Just enjoy the movie after this scene. Your feelings toward Alma will change.

Or maybe again, because I have written about the actress in a long-but-snubbed post a long time ago. :)

By the way, no wonder people drool over Jake Gyllenhaal after this movie. His character in it is such a doll.


I don't know. I haven't watched Crash yet. Nor other nominated-for-Best-Picture movies.

But for sure: below expectations.

By the way, I just realized the design of the title has a silhouette of a pasture. Or grass. Or that thing. Between the two lines. You know. I thought it was just plain characters comprising Brokeback Mountain. Hmm..

Update: You have heard the super sour bitter article that Annie Proulx (how should one spell her name?) wrote, right? My response: Wauw! Chill out, lady!

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