Wednesday, March 01, 2006

i blame it to boring performances on American Idol 5 top 10 girls


Another WTF??!!

And yet another WTF??!!



Love 'em!


Credo said...

no comment :|
Karena ga ngerti,huhehehe.. :p

Ahh, jadi pengen liat gimana sih performance-nya top ten girls of AI ituh.. Can't wait till saturday..

Bie said...

no comment on the post, or the title? Hehehe..

Cepetan dong pulang kantor, biar gue bisa ngepost rubrik mingguan niy.. ;))

Gets said...

wakakak..rubrik mingguan.. kaya album minggu.. album minggu.. kitaaa.. jreng jreng.. gitu ya?.. :D

Mike said...

No favorite of these season contestant yet. Even my usual favorite. But still it's worth watching.

Bie said...

@geegee: tau aja sihhhh.. :) album itu tergeletak si mana ya sekarang?

@mike: you mean your favs were kicked out first, werent they?