Saturday, March 18, 2006

American Idol 5 Contestant of the Week

Every year, every season, American Idol producers decided to keep a contestant hush-hushed from the viewers, before they performed on TV. Motive for doing this is unknown for sure. Different results came out of it, some were succesful, like season 3 LaToya London and Jasmine Trias and some as many people predicted, like season 3 Suzy Vulaca and season 4 Melinda Lira, were not.

This year, there is only one contestant never shown singing before performing on TV. Their result is somewhere between the successful and fail stories. She is this week's American Idol 5 Contestant.

Early on, I predicted that Melissa McGhee will be the next Melinda Lira. Never before shown singing, eventhough somewhat more talented than the others, Melinda was voted off directly in the first episode. Luckily Melissa was not.

She owes it to her unique husky voice (which is very great, by the way) and her memorable personality. However, we still can tell that she kept hanging on by a thread week after week. even reported that she voted herself via her mobile. Smart girl.

Personally for me, her ultimate triumph is when she outlasted cocky Ayla Brown, who had to wave her dreams to be in the finals goodbye. People chose Melissa, as well as I did. Melissa was through to the next round: the top 12.

And then it happened. She butchered Stevie Wonder's 'Lately' by forgetting the words in the top 12. Instead of premonition, the song's signature word, she said recollection at the first, and recognition at the second try.

For me, I love it love it love it! I always love performances that is performed by contestant who forget their words. I don't know why, maybe it reminds me of how I used to butcher songs too when I was a non-english-speaking child.

Wondering how was Melissa actually singing it? Here is a more-or-less transcript.

Lately I have had the strangest feeling
Vivid reasons.. I can find
Yeah, the youth and ooh.. I'm so hanging.
... my mind, my mind

Well, I have many many wishes
Hope my recollection mishes..
brr really feel
my eyes won't let me hide
Cause they always start to cry

Cause this time could mean goodbye!

Well, I have many many wishes
Hope my recognition misses
What I really feel
my eyes won't let me hide

Cause they always start to cry
Cause this time could be goodbye!

It is much better than Baby da nuv love you!

Poor Melissa. I wish I could see more of her in the following weeks. Not because of wishing of watching her forgetting more words, but because I like her voice and cheered her when she triumphed Ayla. And because I always love underdogs.

You will be missed.

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Credo said...

Aku jg suka Mellisa..
Sayang keluarnya cepet.. Duh, kok bisa sih dia 2x salah nyanyiin lirik Lately. pas bareng si Stevie W jg dia salah nyanyiin kan ya..