Wednesday, March 15, 2006

American Idol 5 Contestant of the last Week

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You may not hear about her here first. You may have read in this entry in Reality TV Magazine that our American Idol 5 contestant of last week is a serious threat to the other contestants. By serious, I mean serious.

Paris Bennett, 17 years old, from Fayetteville, Georgia, did really have an awesome audition in Greensboro. She had put a really high standard if her performances on TV would be as good as they were in the auditions.

It turns out, it doesn't work that way.

Paris had a really shaky Hollywood week. Note that her performances were all shown. Day 1, group day, and day 4 were all shown. What a privilege! From this three, I only like his Day 1 performance.

Week 1 semi finals, it was pointed out widely that she mistakenly interpreted 'Midnight Train to Georgia' by making it sound like a bouncy-sung-by-Monica-Geller-Bing 'I'm So Excited'. I still loved it, though. And I owe it to Sandra Bernhardt, Debra Messing and Eric McCormack. If you know what I mean.

Week 2 and week 3, for me, Paris' performances are so-so. In other words, hype schmype. Where were the Paris in her colorful dress singing 'Take Five' so beautifully so that I agreed that she was a definite early favorite? And even I stated that she was better than Lisa Tucker. Now I like Lisa much more.

One thing. Paris has two distinct voices. Her lower and higher range. For me, her higher range sounds a LOT better than the fragile lower range. I hope that she stayed singing in her high range, with a bit of a lower range touch.

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