Saturday, March 25, 2006

American Idol 5 Contestant Related Rants of the Week

*Edie-Britt-mode on* (Wait. How's Desperate Housewives doing? I've been not updating myself with them after episode 212, perhaps? Mike Delfino got killed yet?)

If only, people is smart enough to do math, and by people I mean me, we all know that this kind of post will come sooner or later. There are only ten AI5 contestants left now. From them, I have written about three of them. That leaves seven of them, with nine weeks to go.

I wouldn't induce voted-off contestant of the week as contestant of the week automatically, of course. I would like to dedicate another post to lash out Ace Young, of course. But for now, let it be like this.

Foreword is done. *Edie-Britt-mode shutted down*

AI5 top 11This week, the top 11 American Idol 5 work with one of those legendary diva performers: Barry Manilow. Avid AI viewers will point out directly that this is not the first time AI tagged Barry for the show. In season 3, Barry Manilow week turned out delivering best performances of the season.

Also, in the week, the first shocker elimination of the season happened. Will the boring "history repeats itself" repeats itself?

I really really love this week. The band is awesome. Awesome. AWESOME! The music is priceless. The performances, most of them were great. Even the I-can't-sing-but-look-so-damn-good-so-I-think-I-can-also-be-the-next-american-idol Ace performed non-disturbingly. Very successfully Shayne-ish. :) But I'm gonna credit the band for it.

Paris Bennett sang much better than I can remember her. This is the kinda music that fits her like a glove, I think. Lisa Tucker, like last week, is felt again like a caliber Star Search contestant: singing straight and perfect, missing the appeal. Back to her roots?

The next day, elimination episode is quite shocking, I think. I wouldn't mind that Kevin Covais was kicked out, but I thought he would have been touring with the other top 10. Ah, well.

So, I really expect Barry Manilow would be back again next season. Seriously, he brought magic to the show. And 50's music is so much fun! Remember Pleasantville? :)

Because of that, familiarizing self with 50s (twentieth century fifties mean I) music shall be put to 100 things I should do before I die.

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Gets said...

As a fan of Sinatra myself... Yes, you should do that! The songs have the best lyrics ever. They're vividly romantic, incredibly funny and beautifully crazy. Hehehe.. apa itu maksudnya ya.. Pokonya gue sih a huge huge fan of the 50's songs, never got tired of them.

Personally, I think it's the greatest era of songwriting ever.