Friday, March 03, 2006


Current book finished read: Harry Potter and No-Wonder-He-Got-E(Exceeds-Expectations)-in-Charm-for-His-O.W.L. - music in ear: American Idol 5 top 20 performances - expected TV program: Die Perfekte Dinner; RTL II; Mo. 20:15


This post is dedicated to Geget, who warned me of Dumby's pensieve;
to NDC, who pointed me to this site [];
to Charlie, who recommended me this book;
and other fellas who may say, "Harry Potter? Yeah, I read those too.", but I haven't shared some point of view with them, or they had become so defensive as I asked them.

Harry, Harry, Harry.. Potter, Potter, Potter.. Where should I start? OK, I will start by saying that the latest Harry Potter book, titled Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, is brilliant! I know it's a bit a year too late, but still, brilliant!

I'm not talking about the tumultuous (gosh I had to look up the dictionary to find how it is spelled) plot revelation culminating in chapter 27, but about the return to the roots of Harry Potter that I love. Scattered clues here and there, endless red-herrings, the mysterious title and the aftermath when the true truth about the title is revealed, and the feeling of "Poor Harry, he's always the last to know ..".

I mean come on, I knoooooow who dies in this book, like two days after the book was out. Accidentally, though. And I have read a book that tells me to be alert of JK Rowling's genius mind. I've been carefully told that the Pensieve thing may be somewhat useful. But still, reading it was like witnessing magic in the making.

It was only boring in the beginning and in the end, (Nope, sorry, didn't cry) and while reading it, my mind kept racing with my eyes to be the first to know the facts. And nope, it didn't take weeks to read.

Two things only, why should Gryffindor win another Quidditch cup? and I would never ever thought that our greatest biggest most lovable hero is going to be a drop-out. Have nothing against drop-outs, though.

All and all I will say this again: No wonder Harry Potter got E for Charms in O.W.L., he won me back.


Gets said...

I don't have the guts to tell my roomie about OWL-scoring coz the thing is hilarious and she hasn't read the book yet.. :( I fear that she might think I'm giving spoilers..

And something made me think that everyone's somehow becoming more spoiler-phobic these days.. I don't even know what's considered as a spoiler and what's not.. hiks..

Bie said...

Hah? I can't see the hilariousity on OWL score.. Maybe I missed it. Hmm..