Friday, March 03, 2006

American Idol 5 Contestant of the Week

Last week, I really felt like quitting (watching) the show. But after seeing performances of top 4 of 'Deutschland Sucht den Superstar' (DSDS, a german version of American Idol), I said, what the hell. Patrick Hall may not be in it anymore, but I will stick around to witness the demise of some contestants. I'm staying for some also good talents.

Watching the top 24 episodes, there is something in my mind that actually has been bugging me for some time. One particular contestant reminds me a lot of Shayne Ward, the winner of an also orchestrated by Simon Cowell talent show in UK called 'The X Factor'. He was my trump for the show.

Compared to the other top 4, his vocal is one of the weakest. However, it was still great, stylish, and current, plus he has a big personae circling him, owing to his good looks.

I thought, a recent contestant in American Idol 5 will play the Shayne card. That contestant is our American Idol 5 contestant of the week.

Ace YoungWho recognizes Brett Young? No-one? Well now, he goes with Ace Young. Early Google search on "Ace Young" brought me to a thread titled: "Ace Young - the most attractive guy ever auditioned on Idol?" Besides, Paula told us to put an eye (of all things not ear, perhaps) before the show was officially aired on Ace. So you can imagine how attractive he is.

Vocally, Ace is.. Ugh.. umm he is.. igh.. He sang Westlife in audition. Randy praised his vocals, while Paula (no surprise) praised his looks. Simon on the other of the spectrum, gave a tiny Y to put him through.

His voice is .. umm.. nasal-y mouse-trying-to-get-out-of-a-mousetrap screeching, with a bit of whiny, and most of the time is not supported 100% making it off-key. And he has weak runs which sometimes off as well. In other words, nowhere near Shayne.

Week 1, he picked a George Michael song: 'Father Figure'. GREAT choice. Week 2, he picked Daniel Bedingfield's 'If You're Not the One' (what is the title of this song, actually? Is it 'If You're not the One' or 'If I'm not Made for You'?).

On one of the episodes, Shayne nailed George Michael's as well. And lemme tell you, If You're not the One was actually the fast-train ticket to win for Shayne in 'The X Factor'. Did it work on Ace? Nope. That ticket was taken, mate. His was shaky and pitchy, weak, and far too whiny.

He still comes across as a great guy though. Great and sympathetic. With an attached humbility. Just like Shayne.

The funny thing was despite his bad performance this week, he still got rave reviews from Randy and Paula. I'm not saying.. but I'm just saying.. :D


Mike said...

Yes the title to that song is If You're Not The One.

Bie said...

The reason I'm asking is look at Ace's page on

And this titled was used widely in AI forums..

Credo said...

Dah bersiap2 untuk nonton di Sabtu Malam, tapi...... HWAAAAAA... aku tidur2an jam 9 malam krn capek banget.. Tapi pasang alarm HP. Begonya aku pasang alarm pukul 11.30!! Mestinya 23.30!!! Terbangun jam 1.30 pagi. Buru2 ke ruang tamu, nyalain TV, dan muncullah siaran pertandingan bola :( hiks hiks.. HWAAAAAAAA.....

Gets said...

gue kirain judulnya "I Don't Wanna Run Away".. huehuehe.. kyanya lebih gampang diinget..