Friday, November 26, 2004

Lat: 65 to 62; Long: -18 to -10

Goodbye M&M's..

Damn.. The most current casualties from the Amazing Race 6 are Meredith and Maria. They're definitely one of my early favorite, but to be honest, they so deserve to be eliminated this week.

  1. Meredith & Maria - Maria didn't know how to drive cars with stick. Duh? Apart from the attitude, they should not even think of applying for the Amazing Race. They're so typical Americans that Richard Hatch had said over and over in Survivor: Live. But don't get me wrong, I still love them.
  2. Lena & Kristy - From third to second last. Not so good for them. One mistake at last turn, put them sooo down on the pack. This will be the last non-co-ed team, and will be the last team that I can't tell who is which without thinking.
  3. Freddy & Kendra - Sooo deserve the penalty. When will they be eliminated? Freddy: 'Did they really play this in ancient times? Cause this is the biggest waste of time I've ever seen!' Dude, you said it yourself. They played it. They PLAYED it. Sometimes playing a game is what you do to waste time. Read number 1, second to last sentence, without the last sentence.
  4. Don & Mary Jean - I got myself with laughter when the show cut to them saying, "This is not our car!". I believe that MJ is one of the racers with brain. She's just a little bit too... choleric.
  5. Adam & Rebecca - Amazingly, I was thinking Becca the girl-that-can't-read-diesel from last week did a brilliant choice when she insisted switching Detour. When she switched back to Endurance... I said, there's Becca!
  6. Lori & Bolo - No description here, just see my capture on Phil's face when Lori grabbed him on the mat. ROTFLMAO.
  7. Hayden & Aaron - They may dropped from one to four. But I believe some of it was strategy. Check tAR Insider for further details.
  8. Gus & Hera - Wow.. tAR insider shows his interesting bathing habit. Not the thing I wish to know more, though. The biggest jumper this episode.
  9. Jonathan & Victoria - I'm not gonna tell you how obnoxious Jonathan was. (I wish other teams will Yield them when they got a chance). But do you know that Victoria speaks Japanese? Maybe she only knows Watashi wa Vikutoria desu. But I believe she got more.
  10. Kris & Jon - Umm.. So? Still on the fence. But a little bit more to the not-liking-them area so far.

A friggin cool roadblock. Definitely my stuff. I think the Detour was not fair. I believe that Endurance should have been done not in a circular route, but in a route that goes toward the pit-stop.

Next week, one of the detour was done in IKEA. That means they were in Sweden, weren't they!(?) Let's just wait and see.

Until then.. tomorrow is Survivor: Vanuatu. Hahaha..

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