Thursday, August 19, 2004

quite a 'busy' day?

Hmm.. Morning had broken the last time. And thank GOD, it's beautiful..

Yesterday, woken up very very early. I beat the sun! Woohooo.. 'Twas 5, I think. Directly turned on my laptop, and was hunting for newest episodes of the Amazing Race. Tee hee hee..

Anyway, since it was so early, was thinking to go back to sleep anyway. But no! Gotta be at least trying to be like Kevan. Hehehe.. So I sat awaken, and did my boring morning thing: checking mails, chatting, and stuff.. And then it came, the Amazing Race. Woohoohoo.. So I watched it.. and damn! It was time for one of my favorite couples. Huwweeee.. Stop the sobbing, it was their time to go.. Hup..

So leave home to the gym, it was leg exercise. Anyway, surprise!! There was a photo shoot in it. Tee hee hee.. You know, I have never been approached as a model before, and I thought that I wouldn't either. So I was right. Bet they were looking for average-non-intimidating-look kinda guys. Seeing more new people in the gym. God, should it be that crowded? Hmm..

Then afterwards, went to rehearsal once again. Was the last rehearsal by the way. Actually, I kinda like the rehearsal. Because there, not only that I learn music, but also some language course. Hehehe.. Doin a good job (I think). Tension raised a bit, when one of the members kept playing it wrong, and other times that mistake was thrown on some innocent. Duh? But I kept it going.

Went home very late and friggin tired. Hrrr.. I think I slept around 1 am. Duh? And slept to Charlotte Gray. Whoopz. Sorry bout that..

So a new day closes, and had tried to embark any experiences that came its way. Go rise and shine!!

Almost forgotten. CBS has announced players of Survivor: Vanuatu. I am not gonna watch it. But there's Dolly..

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