Sunday, November 02, 2008

O Pacote: Highlight of the Week

the packageThis week was full of things going on. But between returning from Seram island with a bunch of pictures and stories to tell, the bowling game with a good friend from college, the Halloween party where I courageously dressed up as a pirate, the wonderful Saturday when I shamelessly slept for about 10 hours during the day, the highlight of the week actually came Thursday when a package, much bigger than I thought, less heavier than I assumed, and much much more interesting that I could have ever anticipated, came to my hand.

Dr. Who FigurinesOn the top of the package is a pack Dr. Who figurines, from one of its monumental episode: Daleks in Manhattan. The episode was so good, for combining Dr. Who and Broadway, adventure and love story, new and old.

MagazinesAnd a stack of cleverly chosen magazines and a tabloid, including, in the words of my hangout buddy, ".. a really good design magazine. I never thought that he is into 'Wallpaper' kind of thing." That hangout buddy needs to learn more about the awesome guy who sent me the package, especially regarding his good eyes when it comes to design.

Danny Wood pinA gargantuan pin of Danny from NKOTB 2. Love it! I knew that "Who's your favorite New Kid" would mean more than just a question. The pin is huge. The diameter is about 12 cm.

The watchA gorgeous watch. It's a little loose, so I might need to take off one or two chains. Or eat more so that my wrist would bloat to fill the chain up. But that's not a wise option, I think.

Hammo and DalekAfter only like 15 minutes, the Dalek from the Dr. Who package already invaded the room. Hammo was so afraid, he surrendered.

There are four other things in there, but will talk about it later, perhaps.

Thanks, dude!

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