Sunday, October 05, 2008

men's Yoga

So, how excited I am to learn that now has a section dedicated to Yoga called their Yoga Center?


Yeah, the first sentence on the splash page on their homepage is somewhat true and too general, though. Even so, it has been probably used by some guys, who are now sporting lady's purse around Jakarta malls. She knows what I'm talking about.

Enjoy browsing the section. I know I will!


The Silenced One said...

You should try capoeira, though....
Think it's more 'manly', LOL.

Bie said...

Hey thanks. Two things, tho.

1. Never in my life I chose to do something because it's more 'manly'. :)

2. The last time I snooped a Capoeira class, the class was full of girls, who clearly had something in mind, much more and further than just learning Capoeira from the teacher. 'Licking his abs' might be the phrase that will explain what's on their mind.

The Silenced One said...

Indeed... Indeed...
And i call it a disgrace to the capoeira class! ;)

Geget said...

One thing, though..

1. Girls around here are trained to be sexually introvert in order not to have men lay hands on them whenever they feel like it. So I don't think 'licking some stranger's abs' is likely to be thought about in the class. :) Or maybe that's just me who's been meeting too many guys thinking that there are certain types of women whose attitude make act of rape reasonable. In other countries with better law enforcement, probably they would (think to)lick more freely.:D

The Silenced One said...

So you prefer to be introvertly sexual or extrovertly sexual?
You gave the impression that you were kinda like to 'think-to-lick' more freely... ;)

no offense, jost kidding around =)

Bie said...

To be honest with y'all, I did realize that "licking his abs" is far too extreme. But you know that I am all about drama.

What is more likely on their minds, perhaps, "have him pick me up from campus or show my ex that I scored a much cuter one." Sort of.

And I didn't generalize this to all girls. Especially for this case, I heard those girls giggling before the class saying, "Oh my Gawd! You should join Capoeira later. The guy teaching is so cute. He has a six-pack [sic] body. And white. And tall! And single!"

There's a reason why I changed gyms. Haha..

So apologize for any offense taken.

The Silenced One said...

Changed the gym because you realized you won't win the competition!
hehehe, kidding...

The Silenced One said...

@ Bie & Geget:
I reckoned that I haven't even introduced myself to you and yet I have thrown jokes around.... =)
Sorry for the rudeness but thanks for the little nice chat!

Geget said...

No offense is ever taken. Just wanted to straighten things up. I also apologize if anyone else is offended by my remarks.

I think 'sexually introvert' and 'introvertly sexual' are two different things, so I am none of those two you mentioned, Silence. :)

I guess my point being is that women are not as physical-oriented as men. But you got that already, right Bay?

Because what's this 'pick me up on campus' and 'show my ex I scored a cuter one' ???

Now, I'm definitely offended!

Reevo Saulus said...

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