Friday, May 19, 2006

eurovision song contest after semifinal tidbits

Cirie and Kellie's pics are up. :) Quite a tardiness there.

Anyway .. From what I saw in the semifinals, I am so totally behind Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sweden, or Germany for ESC! Turkey, because I always mesmerized everytime I saw rubber Ken dolls on stage :-O. Plus the singer has an awesome voice and the song can't be sung by just any people. Eventhough the title is a bit weird and kitschy.

Hari Mata HariHari Mata Hari (pictured on the right) from Bosnia and Herzegovina is simply by far the best male vocalist takes part this year. The BEST! I love hearing his singing voice. And his stage name is Hari Mata Hari for gosh sakes!

because I like the stage performance a lot. I think they made their point that ESC entry can be good eventhough it doesn't have young, bouncy, colorful, gimmicky, loud, singers and dancers and props on stage.

Germany because I am addicted to Dittsche. I think that is why they are voted through in Germany anyway. Eventhough all songs from the three German candidates suck, they suck the least, and they have Dittsche and Ingo as members.

Turkey finalistBut seriously, overall, I think Turkey (pictured on the left) deserves it. Or Germany. :D

I think, Lithuania can be the winner. But the song is just too similar to Genghis Khan. I mean using the concept of stadium songs with memorable words because it's too easy anyway. And it uses the lines dreadfully similar to the great great grandfather of stadium songs, i.e. We are the winners. What the ..??

I just found out that Spain is represented by Las Ketchup. The force behind Asereje, ja, de je, dejebe tu dejebe de sebiunova majabian de bugui an de buididipi. Please forgive any misspelling. And yes, I have checked it with my Spanish friends that it doesn't have any meaning.

By the way, Zakky's .. I mean Sakis' voice is quite pleasant.

Bet you don't know what I'm talking about.

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