Thursday, May 18, 2006

ick! argh! ugh! boo! mpht!

Current books read: Timeline by Michael Crichton; Bulletproof Web Design von Dan Cederholm (auf Deutsch!!! :(() - expected TV program: European Song Contest 2006 Semifinal. Do. ZDF. 21 Uhr

Ick! Still no pics from Kellie (by now she's already "Kellie who?") and Cirie (by now, she's already "Cirie? Oh, I LOVE Cirie.."). A proof that sometimes or most times I'm just a lazy bastard.

Argh! Only yesterday morning that I realized that I COULDN'T GO TO EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2006 FINALE PARTY AT MY FRIEND'S PLACE, because I have to perform in Bremen!! (Look under Samstag, 23:30 Uhr)* Huwwaaa.. And due to the fact that my performance is clashed with this Idol thingy of whole Europe, who will watch us then?

The conversation this lunchtime at my kitchen went like this.

Me (with disappointed face): Hey, I just remembered yesterday that on the twentienth, I have to go to Bremen.
Not Me: Twentieth?
Me: Ja. Das wäre Samstag.
Not Me: Samstag?
Me: Ja. Der Tag von Eurovision Song Contest Finale.
Me and Not Me: !! !! !!

There goes my Eurovision Song Contest drinking game.

Ugh! I just tasted my first beer. Before you throw a big fat eff-ing "what" to my face, it's Malzbier, by the way. A close friend of root beer. And you know what? It tasted so good so that I think I got addicted to it.

I just hope that it won't give me any Bierbauch. :)

Boo! That is all I said when I sadly saw Roger Federer apologizing for withdrawing his participation in Hamburg Masters on TV. Thank God, I haven't bought any Dauerkarte .. umm tiket terusan (I don't know what it is in English) so that I don't have to be disappointed emotionally and financially.

I mean, let's face it. For me, everyday is a very emotional moment when I have to pass another advertisement poster showing Federer and Nadal with a boastful claim that it will be the peak of the tournament as the clash of the two biggest current rivals. True, though.

So I was extremely torn of buying or not buying the ticket because of it. I mean, I think Nadal will prove me wrong: saying that he is a one-hit wonder as he won Roland Garros last year, just like other spaniards. It was almost proven when he lost early in Wimbledon and US Open. However, he is definitely not a one-hit wonder on clay. Hmm..

And last week in Rome, witnessing Federer's disappointment is just .. disappointing. Here it is a guy with three back to back grand slam title but lost everytime he faces Nadal. And both are great guys. Nadal is pleasant to watch with his energetic expressions, while Federer is ... Federer.

Ah well. But I bet the chairman of the tournament was like, "WTF WTH WTMF??!!" when he heard that both guys are pulling themselves out.

Mpht! After some disappointment, how about singing a song?

I'm never ever gonna leave you to cry on your own
Never ever gonna not go and pick up the phone
I'm never ever gonna let you be chilled to the bone
No, no, never
No, no, never
I'm never ever gonna leave when you're lost in the storm
Never ever gonna not keep you safe where it's warm
I never ever will desert you when your heart is torn
No, no, never
No, no, never

Seriously, I can't kick it out of my head.

I wonder if Dittsche will still air on Sunday.

*I really hate websites with frames.

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