Friday, October 22, 2004

is it possible to love an angel?

There was an angel standing on the islands of Vanuatu. She used the form of a beautiful woman. Meet Ami Cusack, angel in flesh, one of the castaways in Survivor: Vanuatu..

I don't know why.. Everytime she calmed someone on the island, she always touches my heart, by her way of speaking and comforting. Carved deeply in my mind how she comforted Twila when they discussed about her femininity. And how she cried in the background when Dah left their island. And today, when she talked to Eliza about her performance in reward challenge.


But maybe she is the descendant of Azrael. For she has become a nemesis for two castaways already. Two weeks she had shown his powerful cast, and sealed the fates of two hopeful survivors. Bubba and Lisa. Both of which we heard from herself that she thought this particular person who would go after the tribal council.

She is powerful, athletic, beautiful, feisty, and as in Chris Booker's words: snippy. Her presence in the voting booth just took my breath away. Both when she voted out Bubba and Lisa. I can talk all day long about the angel that I love. She's Ami Cusack, and I love her.

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