Sunday, January 09, 2005

should I do it, should I do it?

Tom asked me to accompany him to find his brother a christmas present. Oh my Gosh. That sentence is so grammatically german! Lemme start again.

Tom asked me to accompany him to find a christmas present for his brother. It had to be an mp3 player. Whether it was the iPods, jukeboxes from Creative, a mere mp3 player/recorder/FM radio/flash drive (hmm.. suddenly that kitchen/bathroom was not so hot anymore :D) like mine. When he finally decided which to buy, he asked me. Should I do it? My reply, "Of course!"

Jason said that he had just bought a new scanner. Bravo, Jase. I needed his autograph (guess what, I got it for free. Hehehe..). He actually said, and I quote, "It would be an adventure [tried to use it for the first time]." He asked me. Should I do it? My reply, "Of course!"

Now, check these out. One simple question: "Should I do it?" Your reply, ... [oh, I hope it won't be of-fucking-course!].

Hmm.. maybe I just hangout with the right person and somehow moves the conversation to movies, and let them say: "Hey let's grab some cola and go see that." I will wholeheartedly say, OF-FUCKIN-COURSE!!! - hohoho.. *santa'sLaughInDevilishDemeanor*


Mike said...

hell-fucking-no. hehehehehe.

Bie said...

kok responnya ngebingungin ya? mungkin maksud lo no way in fuckin' hell kali ya.. atau no fuckin' way in hell?

atau respon itu respon elo sama the whole situation? ah.. jadi bingung.