Thursday, January 27, 2005

100 years Aussie Open..

Damn! Habe keine Lust mehr Aussie Open anzuschauen. :(

This morning Sharapova just lost to Serena Williams 26 75 86. Right now, Marat is losing 57 to Federer.

But still GO MARAT!!!

By the way, Happy Birthday, Marat (just found out seconds ago). Welcome to the club, you're as old as I am today. Hehehehehee.. Pazdravliayu s dniom razhdjenia!


Anonymous said...

Whew.. just remember that my sms is sometimes undelivered to you.. In case of that, Happy Birthday yeah.. ^_^ Just to make sure that I don't miss telling u that =)


Bie said...

terima kasih, terima kasih.. hehehee.. maap yeh pas birthday elu gue gak ngucapin apa2an mein Wassermansbruder (jangan2 komen di atas itu sindiran sangat halus). Wish you the best juga deh.

(loh kok jadi kayak bales2an SMS sih??)