Saturday, January 01, 2005

2005 Resolution

Yep, it's time for 2005 resolution. Yep, no 's'. So it should be only one resolution. And it is..
Cutting out movies and tv series out of my life.
By that, I mean not to actively try to see and find out about movies or tv series. I will still open to see movies and series during dates, though..

Wow.. whattan ugly resolution. Ah, well, try to get through it, though. Help me out here, will ya? :)

Anyway, happy 2005, dude! More power to us all..


Charlie Hendrawan said...

Waaaat?!? Elo serius bie? Coba dipikir2 lagi dulu deeh.. ;D

Bie said...

charli.. believe it or not.. I get that a damn whole LOT! Hahahaha.. Bahkan ada yang bilang, elo gila ya taken something you're good at for granted. *i'm not good at, it, btw*

Ah well, resolusi kan bukan resolusi kalo dijalanin seratus persen. Huehehehehe..