Sunday, December 19, 2004

long for the song

Did you know how my take on songs? Songs fall into four categories, but sometimes they belong to more than one, no more than three. I never find a song that goes to all four categories.

So the four categories are: (due to the template for the ordered list is just like the unordered, I put numbers in front of them)
  1. (1) good lyrics
  2. (2) great to listen to
  3. (3) enjoyable to sing with/to
  4. (4) fun to play on the piano
First example is a song that I can't get enough of these days. Les Temps des Cathedrales from musical theater Notre-Dame de Paris (composed by Richard Cocciante). Here goes excerpt of the chorus..
Il est venu le temps des cathedrales
Le monde est entre
Dans un nouveau millenaire
L'homme a voulu monter vers les etoiles
Ecrire son histoire
Dans le verre ou dans la pierre

This song is 12. So hard to sing along with. The ambitus and the language is the problem for me. :) However it is a great song. Later on, I'll tell you some more.

Now, anyone can help me with the translation? (funnily as I wrote this, it went to this song again)

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