Wednesday, December 22, 2004

getting up close and personal - part 2

Continuing what I have written previously, here are the second ten from ten later on..
  1. I was nearly five when we found out that my head was as big as a teenager's. In my kindergarten farewell program, I had to wear a peci. I didn't have one. I borrowed it from my neighbor who was a teenager.
  2. I felt under my sister's shadow (this is an indonesian proverb), especially when I learned the fact that we were enrolled at the same elementary school.
  3. I was forced to admit something I didn't commit. My teacher forced me to admit that I pushed my friend when playing soccer. I didn't, but later on I said I did. He was her son, anyway.
  4. I got thyphus when I was six. I skipped a whole month of school, drank tomato slush twice a day, and only ate porridge. My teacher at that time never put 30 days absent on my report card.
  5. My first inappropriate kiss was when I was eight. A trick I learned through a movie. Damn movies! So movies indeed have a big influence of my life. I still remember the girl's name, but I won't tell you.
  6. I had to switch school when I was nine. I got my first 3 (out of 10) note. I was devastated, and never told my parents about it. Got my first puppy love as well. She grew up to be a model. (!) Dude, you were dating a model. She would never say we dated. Ha!
  7. I was a control freak. I always determined how were we going to pick who's it in every game we played. Eventhough I played with (much) older guys. But I think it was only because my other friends were dull.
  8. My grades degraded significantly since the last year of elementary school. In my junior high, I never got in to the top 5.
  9. My first computer games was Prince of Persia. My best friend and I always talk about it every night over the phone. Well, not every night, only every time we talk, night and day.
  10. Talent meant a whole new word to me. Suddenly I was surrounded by talented people. They play pianos, they master martial arts, they draw awesomely, and they were all my friends.
Hmm.. the third part will get harder to write. Just as life is.

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