Thursday, December 23, 2004

before the day officially ends

Humm.. Felt pretty good today. Went to Uni to gather all my project work, because tomorrow and so on the computing center is going to be closed.. Gymmy gymmy takabet (I don't know what language is this, but it's a dolanan song) after that.. Met Charlie there, told him what I had written in his shout box (what's the use of the shout box, then?)

Found out that smoking is no more allowed in NIT Building. Poor Janne and Indra. Sit around the NIT Cafe for a sec. Mostly prepping shawl and jacket to cover me from the cold. Buy dinner #1, and met Linda and Vero. Took subway to another rehearsal for gamelan sunda..

Damn you gamelan sunda! Why do you have to be so challenging? Now I am sooo challenged to master you. I will not quit practicing until I got to the part where I can play it correctly, fluently, and most important, stylish-beautifully. Hmph..

Don't let the bed bugs bite!

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