Saturday, December 18, 2004

Herzlich Wilkommen, allerseits. (Kendra not included)

Ay yay yay yay yay... What a great GREAT episode of the Amazing Race 6 this week! Amazing. I would never guess that it would be like this. Some said that I would definitely be pissed watching the episode. I did actually. But I couldn't care less. I mean, come on! Lemme tell ya'..

From Senegal, they were off to Berlin, Germany. A bit familiar to me. Their departure time made me shocked because I didn't think that Kris and Jon had that huge lead. Don and Mary Jean were easily got out of their cash-shortness, but couldn't really recovered from the slow moving and some mistakes. And they were eliminated.

  • Don & Mary Jean - still love the attitude. I sorta knew that the only thing to make this team stayed on the race further on was if other teams made a humongous mistake or total bad luck. So it was their time. Will be missed Don & MJ!!
  • Lori & Bolo - Dude! What happened, guys? Lost in the woods because a German told you where to go? Join the club. Been there three times. Hehehe.. It's better though to trust your books, maps, or Fahrplan then what people here told you. Trust me on this one. The fight in travel agent? Woof! I wish Lori had snapped back at Hayden. Like saying, "Yeah, and just because you had boobs and anorexic doesn't mean that Bolo won't smack you down. Or maybe I will." Then, catfight. Woohoo.. Nah, it's another episode of another reality show, probably.
  • Adam & Rebecca - Keep trailing, keep contemplating, keep stalking. Damn, they so deserve it when Jonathan scolded them not to follow Jonathan and Victoria. Still boring as hell, I can't wait them to be eliminated. And four clips in the Amazing Race Insider doesn't change me from getting bored. Yawn.
  • Gus & Hera - ROTFLMAOPMHOMS !!! Try to figure out the acronym. Gus and the beers.. Oh, Lord, don't get me started. So hillarious.. oh, I gotta go ROTFLMAOPMHOMS again..
  • Kris & Jon - Again. What happened, dude? I didn't remember how this team got to the Roadblock so late. They were in the Detour with Freddy and Kendra, and boom. Where were they? Still, my favorite team to watch, if not win. I'm still rooting for Lori and Bolo, though..
  • Hayden & Aaron - It's official. Not rooting for them anymore. First because they were even contemplating for giving Don and Mary Jean a hand...ful of money at the first place. Second, for telling Adam and Rebecca not to do that. Third making alliances with two of the most stupid racers. Fourth for letting their stupid ally cutting lines. Fifth for fighting with Bolo, and I think that's enough.
  • Jonathan & Victoria - They will go far. They can be in the finals, however you hate Jonathan. Wow! WOW! Victoria's crying/running/screaming/panting when lifting/dragging/carrying Jonathan's bag was one of the best scenes in reality TV so far. What I can say is, Jonathan is so shameless. I do believe, though, that he shoved Victoria's bag, not her, but still Victoria has all the logic when she decided to pick it up, and so not deserve the shove. Shame on you, Jonathan.
  • Freddy & Kendra - Suprise! The airheads were in first place. One thing to say to Kendra, though.. As in the words of Bolo: "Just be quiet, mouth!!" I can't wait for next week when Kendra would go down.. YESSS!!! Oh my God.. I just found this out as I'm writing this. Yesss!!! Can't agree with them more!

There were 16 racers this week, and none times I heard them correctly saying Gedächtniskirche and Teufelsberg. So, hillarious. Especially Kendra who thinks she's the best specimen on earth, but actually she is just mouth. Hahaha.. Another funny thing is that noticing them trying to say Danke schön. I'm not saying that I can do it perfectly, but it's just funny. And when Jon said "We're in Deutschland..!" by saying -land as in land.

I can do both detours and willing to do them both. One is because it was sooo fun. There is nothing merrier than seeing people hang out in a bar waiting for beers to come. And the Brats? Hmm.. making a link of Bratwurst. Not just any wurst, but 7 inches Bratwurst. Now, where have I seen such words before. Heheheheh..

This episode was another masterpiece from the producers. At the beginning it offers a very moving emotional moment. And then they didn't really expose Jonathan and Victoria's bickering too much. Because they kept something in the end. And a great thing, too. I usually cheered when any team approaching the pit stop for first place. This time there were nothing triumphant about the first place. The moment was even stolen with Jonathan and Victoria's moment. They stole their thunder. Woohoo..

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