Thursday, December 16, 2004

this is so cool, just cool, period

Who is George Masters? That link will not help you, but he is a school teacher, and scratching his own personal iPod mini 60 seconds advertisement. Got the hype by bloggers, and I think it is just cool. Wired News get something to say on this.
"To some experts, Masters' ad heralds the future of advertising. Homemade ads will play a big part in marketing, just like blogging is shaking up the news."
and also
"'s one of the first "pure" advertisements seen on the internet." more
So this is cool, just cool.


Mike said...

Well, where is your posting about tAR and the Yahoo Messenger?

Bie said...

Well, I posted the tAR, but the Yahoo! Messenger turned out to be something that was not really impressive as I thought earlier.. :( ah, well, will post it some time in the future though..