Wednesday, December 22, 2004

change of pace, there again..

So. Last night, I rehearsed the orchestra again. Now, the music is different. It's sundanese music (if you don't know sunda, please Google it :p), unlike the Javanese music that I used to play and learn.

So, the different is that, javanese gamelan has some westernization by translating the notes using numbers. And with that, sundanese music has that as well. The cutest thing, is that if bigger number denotes higher notes in javanese, it is vice versa in sundanese. But it is equally pentatonical, totally different numbers. Until now, read this as it is.

Next, eeeeveryone were like asking me, "Where have you been? I thought for sure you were back in Indonesia..", said Anne. Sven and Gitta said "Hey, long time no see." in the coolness of Sven and Gitta. Eli said, "Hmph? I don't know you. You left me here all alone." Soo Eli. While Yunita was missing me. And the rest were just glad to see me back and so on.

Another next, after the rehearsal, I told one of them, "Have you ever heard about der König der Löwen, and did you know that they have wayang interpreted in them?". The response was, "No! Really? You wanna watch it? I'd pay for your ticket!" That took be aback a bit. I was so friggin happy that someone will give me tickets for der Kö der Lö (my cooler abbreviated version of the musical). But then, what's the catch? Why would he do that? Will I feel obligated, then?

Well, stop the prejudice. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment. "I can watch der Kö der Lö for free! Woohooo!!!"

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