Thursday, December 09, 2004

Jon was #1 - again. Jon was #2 - again

the teamsFreddy & KendraJonathan & VictoriaHayden & AaronLori & BoloGus & HeraKris & JonDon & Mary JeanAdam & RebeccaPhew.. No one had to be casualties in the fourth leg of the Amazing Race 6, when it turned out in the end that it was a non-Philimination leg. Some great efforts, and terrible mistakes, and yet luck still highlighted the race.
  1. Don & Mary Jean - 'Who wants to bathe in rose water?' is such a deadly gimmicks. Who knew that the bath turned out to be the hardest and most physically challenging roadblock so far. They were not successful in struggling out of the last place, and yet it was a non-phil leg, so they were still in the race. And I couldn't be more happier than that.
  2. Gus & Hera - Made a mistake when choosing pull 'em up in Detour. I was so amazed with Hera's ability of speaking french. I believe now that's she is the most brilliant woman in the race. Not the most brilliant woman racer, though.
  3. Adam & Rebecca - Arrrgghh.. What were this oh so boring couple doing in the Amazing Race? Nothing to see, except whiny Adam, rocky relationships, and.. I can't think of a third one. Yawn.
  4. Freddy & Kendra - Yield them! Yield them! Guess who pissed me on this episode. If you're guessing Freddy, you're half right. If your guess is Kendra, you're half wrong. Yes, I was totally annoyed with both of them. Oh, just go to your photoshoot studios, dear models. Yeesh!
  5. Hayden & Aaron - Huuuge mistake in thinking that the tower was opened at 10. I didn't recall though who made the assumption. Was it locals? By the way, Hayden, of course Kris can kick your ass! Next week, she would call Bolo 5'5" and on steroids.. Smack them down, Bolo! Wohoo..
  6. Lori & Bolo - Go Lori.. I'd even cheer for her if I was in the salt harvesting field. They are sooo cool and just totally be themselves. Oh, my.. I love them so much. I really do hope they will win. Just don't make stupid mistake and be better each leg. I mean be better in reading maps and stuff. Or tag the smarter team, and beat them by footrace. Hehehehh.. Another funny happy moment in tAR Insider.
  7. Jonathan & Victoria- I have my biggest worry now. I actually think that this team will make it further in the game. The reason? Because Jon was pictured of having great game plans in this leg. The tactics he used for shocking other group by taking different flight to Paris was useless (did he think that the other team will not check arrival time?), but at least he thought of something. The bickering was toned down this week. Or maybe because christmas is coming and it's not the best idea to show bickering couple on TV. Really?
  8. Kris & Jon - If Hayden can solely be the reason I may turn my unheard cheering for Lori & Bolo, Kris can make me share some of my cheering for Lori for her. She is the smartest female racer in this season. There was not yet a crystal evidence, but somehow I felt it. And she and Jon really worked together great. Not forgetting to mention best attitude as well.
So there you go.. Last time we had Yield, this week we had non-philimination leg. I thought this week might be non-phil leg since last week. It's because of the preview of Don crying, Mary Jean pushing herself to her limit. And just how the episode went. Sometimes previews are such a dead giveaway. Especially for a fan like me. Just like Doug Ross said in Survivor: Live.

Can you tell me who's who in my capture? But don't cheat by hovering on the images!

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