Monday, December 06, 2004

Project Runway 2 top 7 revealed?

This post contains a spoiler of a current running show. If you don't want to be spoiled, skip it over.

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This post should have been three weeks old, but I just watched this yesterday.

When Heidi Klum's voice saying, "This season on Project Runway.." was heard, I was alerted with one thing only: possible spoiler! And then suddenly, this shot appeared, and it may reveal the top 7 designers.

The shot looked like this. My guess is this would be the beginning of episode 9, where there would be 8 models and (supposedly) 7 designers left.

What happened might have been that the designers could pick a new model to work with, Zulema won the previous challenge (top 8) and she got to pick first. One model wouldn't be picked, und sie wird auf wiedergesehen werden. :p

This part of the shot is easy to identify. The man on the right is Nick. It's recognizable from the way he sits. On his right is Vosovic. The hair and (again) way of sitting is a giveaway.

The woman in front is not easily recognizable, it can be Kara or Diana, from their dark, flat hair.

The man on the right on this part could be Santino or Emmett, judging from his height. But I don't think that Emmett would slouch like that.The orange girl is Chloe. Clearly she is not Lupe, Kara or Diana, and Marla was never seen tie her hair.

Frontliners will be introduced shortly.

If this shot was accurately taken during Zulema's "I would like to have a walk-off between three models." speech that floored Andrae, the three guys in front can only be (ltr.) Andrae, Zulema, and Kara. And a close-up of Andrae confirmed that Santino and his beard were sitting behind him.

So the top 7 might have been (in no particular order) Kara, Santino, Nick, Chloe, Vosovic, Zulema, and Andrae.

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