Wednesday, December 29, 2004

How do I cry?

I rarely cry. I don't cry. I got choked up, but rarely cry.

I had to be departed from my family for at least two years. I looked at the bright side. I smiled, and didn't cry. I was sad, but I didn't cry.

I had to say goodbye to my friends, and don't know when I get to see them again. I choked up, but I didn't cry.

I watched a good movie. A tearjerker. Somehow it was connected to my life. There were tears building up ready to destroy their last pad, but I held it in. I didn't cry.

But when I did, it would be the longest three minutes of my life. And after that I might regret it. I may regret that I cried. I may regret that I thought crying was one of the realization of being weak. Which I am very aware that it is not true.

So stop it, I don't need to cry some more for tsunami victims. They don't need another tear delivered to them. I'm just gonna get up, pray for them, and do what I can do to help.

May all the tsunami victims, wherever they are, whoever they are, are always be blessed.
May all of the survivors gathered more than just strength and courage to move on.
May all of their families be strong for their loss, and understand all that happened to the loved ones.
May all of us truly believe that life is not eternal.

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mellyana said...

makanya lay out genti item ya, Bie?
hope we can weap away our tears, hope the new days in front of us bring a new hope