Thursday, December 16, 2004

getting up close and personal - part 1

Five from five of life
  1. My mother once fainted in a traditional market when she carried me. At that time it was said that the baby would be a boy, and probably a hyperactive one. Let you be the judge. :)
  2. I was actually a chubby baby and boy. Even one of my father's brother said that I will be plumpy when I'd grown up. I am not.
  3. I was able to read actively and awarely when I was 3. My mother taught me how to read on her own, every night. The last word of the whole lesson is 'bawang'. Did the diphtongs.
  4. In my grandfather 's funeral, I bit a glass until it was broken. He passed away when I was four.
  5. I started kindergarten a year younger than my classmates, three months later after they started their first class. Due to my reading ability, all the teachers suggested my parents to go on with my study.
New year's coming. Time to look back to the years behind, and bring along what we had, cherish them as unaffordable experience if they are sold (I definitely will not sell mine), and just treasure every minute of it. My lookback this year starts with five fact from my first five years (longer than that actually) of life.

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